Display school artwork, photos, and more without damaging walls with Scotch Restickable Products

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Is your house overloaded from your kids’ artwork? Just wait, the school year is just beginning! Last year was the first time I had 2 kids in school, they brought home so many papers and artwork. Of course they want to proudly display their work and I want to display it. There is only so much space and so many magnets that can fit on the refrigerator.

Even after investing in bulletin boards for our office and kids’ bedrooms, there still wasn’t enough space. We just remodeled both Elijah’s and Elizabeth’s bedrooms and our office, so there is no way I am tacking or taping anything on those precious walls.

You probably have similar issues in your home. What family doesn’t? You can’t tack things up or you’ll have holes all over your walls, you can’t use tape or it will peel off your paint or wallpaper. What you can use is Scotch® Restickable Strips, Tabs, and Shapes.

Scotch® Restickable Strips, Tabs, and Shapes Review

I couldn’t be more pleased with such a simple looking product. The new Scotch Restickable products really can transform any space and then just as easily be removed. The uses are limitless. Use the Scotch Restickable strips, tabs, and shapes on the refrigerator, on inside of kitchen cabinets for emergency #’s, in kid’s room to display art, in your office at work, in lockers at school, in classrooms, on white boards, on chalk boards, for party decorations, etc, etc, etc!

Scotch® Restickable Strips, Tabs, and Shapes Video Review


Scotch® Restickable Shapes Review

picture of Scotch Restickable Shapes
Scotch Restickable Shapes

Scotch® Restickable Shapes are fun little stick ons in different shapes including stars, hearts, and circles in 3 colors, pink, blue, and orange.  At first, I wondered why would you need them to be in different colors or shapes since the photo or paper will be covering it. Once I started using the restickable shapes, I realized that half the fun is the ability to change out what you are hanging. And, when there is nothing on the wall, you have cool shapes! It is a fun way to display your papers, artwork, and photos.

Scotch Restickable Shapes can be used and reused again and again. Each time, they remove cleanly from the wall and from the item you hung. Don’t worry about using them on your photos, they are photo safe. Plus, if you get dirt, dog hair, etc on it, they are washable to regain their stickiness.  They are also Made in the USA products.

Check out my kids’ bulletin boards, it’s a great addition to a kid’s bedroom and we will continue to use it. I just hated to stick a thumb tack on awards, photos, etc. and it really limits what your kids can display. Soon, it became a cluttered mess, see below!

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However, with the Scotch Restickable Shapes, my kids can go crazy with their ability to display photos and artwork wherever they want. I’m sure we will have quit the art gallery now that we have Scotch Restickable products. I don’t have to worry about important awards and photos being poked with tacks or worse, walls poked.

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Scotch® Restickable Strips  and Tabs Review

The strips and tabs are good for items that are up to 1lb. I used these strips and tabs to hang up some of my kids’ craft items that were made with hard card stock, calendars, and larger posters.

picture Scotch Restickable Strips
Scotch Restickable Strips

Scotch® Restickable Strips and Tabs are pre-cut strips/tabs of clear, reusable and removable adhesive for lightweight mounting. This product is ideal for hanging pictures, posters, artwork, cards, and other light weight objects. You can use them on walls, refrigerator, stainless steel, plastic, concrete, wood, painted walls, and even your window. You can even cut the strips  and tabs for smaller items or to fit your item. Just like the Restickable Shapes, the strips and tabs can be used again and again. Each time, they remove cleanly from the item being displayed and the wall. To refresh stickiness, just gently wash with soapy water.

The restickable strips make it easy to display whatever we want, wherever we want. I like them on the refrigerator because it takes away some of the clutter that the extra magnets give. Also, we just remodeled our home office so I am not excited about adding holes to the newly painted walls. Plus, my large bulletin board doesn’t fit the space next to my desk like it did in our old office. Now, I can display my calendar, kids photos, and artwork around my desk without worrying about ruining the walls.

I just love this product for it’s many uses, conveniences, and awesomeness!

Buy Scotch Restickable Shapes, Strips, and Tabs

You can buy Scotch Restickable Shapes, Strips, and Tabs nationwide at places like Walmart, Target, Kmart, and more. Find your local store here. Or buy online at Amazon.com.

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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Scotch and received Scotch Restickable products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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