Practical Cough & Cold Season Tips from a Microbiologist

Dr. Benjamin Tanner is a microbiologist, he has developed some great practical cough & cold season tips that you and I can use this cough & cold season.

  • Practice Good Hygiene for at Least a Week After a Cold.
    Cold viruses can actually be found in nasal secretions of children for 2-3 weeks after the onset of symptoms. Continue your good hygiene at least a week after someone in your family has a cold.
  • Keep Your Immune System Healthy.
    Having a healthy body weight with proper nutrition reduces your risk of infection – keep your immune system healthy.
  • Keep Up on Cold and Flu Germs.
    When droplets from sneezes can travel at a velocity of 45MPH and cover 10 feet of a room, it is difficult to get away. Colds are most easily caught the first 2-4 days of being infected.  The best advice is to wash your hands and face often – with soap and water or Wet Ones to kill bacteria.
  • Don’t Touch Your Face.
    Most people catch a cold by picking up germs with your hands and touching your nose or eyes. If you can get your kids to stop touching their faces, they can reduce their risk of catching colds by 1/2!

Do You Wash Your Hands Enough?

Did you wash your hands?” This is the #1 question I ask when my kids ask for a snack after school. I’m like a broken record but it is just one of the many ways to keep my family from getting sick this Winter. Washing hands is the #1 way to keep your family healthy this winter.

While out and about, we wash our hands with Wet Ones because they clean better than antibacterial wipes and are gentle on our skin. It is so important to protect our kids and family from germs found lingering everywhere during cold and flu season.  Below are practical and important times to wash your hands to keep your family safe this winter.

Do you wash your hands after every time you…

  • Blow Your Nose
  • Sneeze or Cough
  • Play Arcade Games
  • Pet Cats & Dogs
  • Touch Doorknobs
  • Ride in a School Bus or even  Taxi or Subway
  • Touch an ATM Machine
  • Use a Public Pay Phone
  • Touch Escalators in Shopping Malls
  • Shake Hands with Others
  • Use a Shopping Cart
  • Handle Money
  • Playing on Swing Sets & Jungle Gyms
  • Touch Vending Machine and Elevator Buttons – especially when visiting a hospital

Cold and Flu germs can last up to 48 hours on common items like doorknobs and the above. It isn’t being paranoid to wash your hands after touching these items during cold and flu season.

I like to wash my hands with soap and warm water whenever possible but when out and about , I trust Wet Ones to clean my family’s hands. I am a Wet Ones product ambassador because I do trust the product to keep my family healthy all year long – but especially during cold and flu season. Knock on wood – but nobody in my family has caught a cold this season!

Wet Ones come in convenient sizes like travel packs, car cup-holder shaped canisters and individually wrapped singles individually wrapped singles – which are great for lunch bags!

picture of Wet Ones Singles
Wet Ones Singles

Wet Ones wipes don’t dry our hands out like the alcohol-based sanitizers. Wet Ones include a mild cleanser that washes away dirt and germs while the soothing moisturizers keep our skin soft.

I hope this reminder and Dr. Benjamin Tanner practical cough & cold season tips keeps your family healthy this season.

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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