Dr. Congeni of Akron Children’s Hospital Shares Tips on Protecting Against the Flu

Blaise-L-Congeni,-MDI had the pleasure of interviewing Blaise Congeni, MD of the Akron Children’s Hospital on protecting against and preventing flu for the family. Dr. Congeni has a national reputation and is a spokesperson in national outlets on pediatric infectious diseases and more.

The CDC encourages early flu vaccination for children to protect again the flu.


Dr. Congeni of Akron Children’s Hospital Shares Tips on Protecting Against the Flu

Q: What is the peak flu season for Ohio?

A: Peak flu season is usually Jan-Mar but flu can start as early as Nov, or even Oct.

Q: Do you recommend the flu shot for most families? When is the best time to get the shot?

A: Influenza immunization with injection or mist is recommended for all families unless contraindicated and should begin as soon a flu vaccine is available in the provider’s office or at another location.

Q: How does sleep and exercise affect the chances of getting the flu for kids and adults?

A: As best as I know exercise and sleep do not help in preventing the flu. Certainly, healthy people tend to do better with the flu.

Q: Besides washing our hands, what is the best way to keep kids from getting flu?

A: The best way to prevent the flu is to get all children immunized.  Nothing else comes close.  Good hygiene helps some, probably.

Q: Do you recommend extra doses of any vitamins during flu season?

A: I am unaware that extra doses of vitamins would have any beneficial effect.

Q: With the mild winter last year and cooler summer this year, does this affect the flu season we’ll have in Ohio?

A: Weather doesn’t affect the severity of the flu, but past history of the intensity of the outbreak in a particular community may have some impact.

Blaise Congeni, MD
Akron Children’s Hospital
Division of Infectious Disease
Locust Professional Building
300 Locust Street, Suite 480
Akron , OH 44302
Phone: 330-543-8395
Fax: 330-543-3257

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