Eco Clean Non-Toxic Green Cleaning Products Review

picture of Eco Clean Non Toxic Green Cleaning Solution

The one place in my house that I am concerned most about chemicals being used is my kitchen. I want to be 100% sure that my kids are safe with the dishes they eat off of or if they lay their sandwich down on the kitchen counter. The more I learn about non-toxic cleaning solutions, the more I want to clean my dishes, counters, and entire kitchen with a safer solution. I recently discovered Eco Clean.  They offer non-toxic cleaning solutions for the entire home. Their products are free of harmful petro chemicals. Eco Clean products are safe and made from plant and sugar based surfactants. There are no toxic gases or fumes. Plus, the fragrances are allergy-friendly.

Eco Clean Hands On Review

I have tried other all-natural, “green”, non-toxic cleaning product. Even if they work well, sometimes the smell of the product is enough for me to not use it. Secondly but equally important, many green products I’ve tried are expensive. The Eco Clean products that I tried, the Eco Clean Dish Soap and the Eco Clean Kitchen Counter Cleaner have light, delightful scents. Plus, they sell for just $4.49 each! Can you believe it?

picture of Eco Clean Non Toxic Green Cleaning Solution
Eco Clean Non Toxic Green Cleaning Solution

Being a sensitive red-head I wasn’t sure how I would respond to apple & thyme scented dish soap or the orange & rosemary kitchen counter cleaner. In fact, I assumed unfairly that I wouldn’t like Eco Clean because of previous non-toxic cleaners and their not-so-pleasant scents. I am a true Eco Clean believer. I enjoy the light fragrance from both products and just like they promised, they are allergy friendly. I don’t know how they do it. But one thing is for sure, they do it with natural plants and sugars.

So, the smell is good, the price is good, but how well does it clean? I’ve used these product exclusively in my kitchen for the past 2 weeks. Everything is just as clean as with the leading brands I normally use. I must admit that I do feel a lot better about my kids using the dish soap to wash their hands and just generally how the kitchen is cleaned with non-toxic products.

Eco Clean Dish Wash ingredients: Water, <5% Anionic surfactant, Non ionic surfactant, perfume, Active Eco Booster (Betain), essential oils and biodegradable colours. Surfactants made from natural sugar and plant oil.

Eco Clean Kitchen Counter Top Ingredients: Water, <5% Anionic surfactant, Non ionic surfactant, Amphoteric surfactant, perfume, Active Eco booster (Betain), Essential oils and biodegradable colours. Surfactants made from natural sugar and plant oil.

More on Eco Clean

Eco Clean products are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, naturally fragranced, paraben free hand wash, and with no animal testing. Eco Clean offers a variety of household product including all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, dish cleaner, kitchen counter top cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, and hand wash. Scents include lavender, wild fruits, white tea & sage, cool mint, grapefruit & lemon, apply & thyme and more

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to The But In Group who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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