Elizabeth Won a Trophy at a Halloween Costume Contest

What are mommy blogs for if not to brag about your kids? 🙂 My sweet Elizabeth won her first trophy tonight at our city’s costume contest. She was Jesse from the Toy Story movie. Isn’t she a doll baby?!

picture of Jesse Toy Story Costume
Jesse Toy Story Costume

We were about 1/2 done with the city’s trick or treating. Elijah left his wings and mask for his Bakugan Dragnoid costume in the car because you couldn’t see the wings under his coat and he was tired of wearing the mask.  I completely forgot about the contest and had no idea what time it was being held. We arrived to the contest area right when the judging was beginning, so no time to run back to the car for wings and masks. That being said, I warned him that he would probably wouldn’t win since he didn’t have a complete costume.

So, they both went up front for the judging. And Elizabeth won her very first trophy ever. She was beaming. She really played Jesse, with her hand on her hip, smiling at the crowd. THANKFULLY, Elijah didn’t get upset or jealous. As a parent, it’s so hard to balance being super excited for your little girl while telling your son it isn’t a big deal. I was proud that he handled it well. AND so proud of my sweet little girl winning the contest.

picture of Jesse Costume Wins Costume Contest
Jesse Costume Wins Costume Contest

There was also a man dressed up as a giant that I just had to take a picture of and share too!

I must tell you that costume came from our Halloween Costume Sponsor this year, Costumes4Less. Her cowgirl boots came from Once Upon a Child in Stow who graciously had our request for boots on a wish-list, then emailed us pictures when a customer brought some in.

How do you deal with siblings being jealous of one another?

Tonight could have been much, much worse. In fact, I’m proud that Elijah handled his sister winning and not him. I’m proud of Elizabeth for offering to share her trophy. However, I feel a little sad that I couldn’t be super, super excited for my daughter for fear of upsetting my son, who didn’t win. Is this just part of parenting? I guess.


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