Evening at Cindy’s House: Broken back? Sick since Christmas?

picture of Elijah with his new stream discovery

As much as we like to complain in Ohio about the weather, you have to admit that last night’s ice/snow storm really left a blanket of beauty on the gray landscape. I am ready for Spring, ready to get outside with my kids, ready to start my vegetable and flower gardens, just ready to feel alive and active again.

Spring will come but it is still Winter in Ohio.  My daughter wanted to build a snow man today. Believe it or not, with all of the snow we’ve had all winter, it has not been the “right” kind of snow for snow man building. It doesn’t stick together, especially not with all the ice we’ve had this winter. I have 2 disappointed kids.

After my son got off the bus tonight, we all headed outdoors for some Winter fun. We tried and tried to build a snowman but couldn’t get much more than a snowball size to stick together. 🙁 We tried sled riding. We have lots of trees in our backyard, it’s next door to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, so what else can we expect?! My kids have learned a sled and dive technique this Winter. They abandon their sleds when they get near the tree line.

We all went down the hill a few times tonight and then it happened. I gave my son’s sled a push down hill, his sled turned him around a couple time and he hit the tree dead on with his back. We ran to him as he cried and screamed. It was one of those times when your scared to death about your kid now and think about the worse that could result from this. Did I just push my son’s sled ending him to be paralyzed? You might think that to be extreme but it scared me. After holding him for 5 minutes or so, he calmed down and so did I. My husband was at the bottom of the hill and saw it a bit closer and said he just got the wind knocked out of him and hit the tree with his side, not his back. Still, I tried to see if his legs were functioning and held my breath when he went to stand up. Am I just paranoid? Over protective?

He wasn’t ready to go inside and wanted to stay outside to play. That was a great sign. We decided no more sledding in the back yard, not until we come up with a plan regarding the dangerous trees that seem to be giant magnets pulling you toward them.

We took a nature walk in the park. Over the weekend, my husband and kids found a new stream that we’ve never come across before. My kids were excited to show it to me. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the beautiful snow and my equally beautiful kids.

picture of Elijah with his new stream discovery
Elijah with his new stream discovery

After taking the below picture of my daughter, she asked, “Mommy, can we live here forever? It is so beautiful.”  I agree with her and promised that we would live here a long time.

picture of Pretty snow with pretty girl
Pretty snow with pretty girl

I popped the casserole into the oven that I had prepared for dinner. 40 minutes later we sat down for dinner. Elizabeth wouldn’t stop crying and I knew it wasn’t because of the salad in front of her, even though Elijah was complaining about eating it. I held her and she was super hot, we went upstairs to read and snuggle. She has a fever of 100.0, nothing too high but enough to tell me that she is getting sick again. My poor girl has been sick pretty much since Christmas, 2 sinus infections, 4 sets of antibiotics, allergy sprays, etc. Now, she must have a virus or something. After reading for a while and rubbing her back, she fell asleep without dinner. I expect she will be up later, I just hope she feels better.

As a mom, our emotions are so tied up in our kids’ well being. Of course we should be concerned to properly care of our kids. Sometimes though, I get so worried and have to tell myself to relax and let God take care of my kids, otherwise, I’d be a wreck.

Elijah just came in saying his back was hurting. Oh no, maybe there is something hurt, at least bruised. I baked cookies tonight, they weren’t done in time for a bedtime snack. However, after he went to bed, I’m sure the smell had something to do with him getting up again. We went downstairs for Tylenol and a cookie. See, I still feel bad that I pushed his sled down the hill that hit the tree. Earlier I told him that I was sorry that he hit the tree after I pushed his sled. He said, “Mom, the tree was just there, that is why I hit it.” He’s so smart, I guess I just like to put guilt trips on myself.

So, that was our evening…no broken backs, and I’m sure my daughter just has a cold…I just worry too much.

Do you worry too much over your kids too?

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2 thoughts on “Evening at Cindy’s House: Broken back? Sick since Christmas?

  1. Brianne K says:

    I hope your kids feel better soon! My 2 year old son had a fever of 103.5 earlier today. It’s down to 100.4 right now, but it sure is scary since he, too, has been sick since at least Christmas!

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