Racor Simple Storage Solutions for an Organized Garage

In our home, our garage has been at best, an after-thought. For the 10 years we’ve lived in this home, it has been an often disorganized catch-all. We have put our time and money into the inside of our home, and left our poor garage to fend for itself.  This spring, however, we were tired of tripping over shovels, brooms, bikes and extension cords. Something had to be done to solve our organization problems for good! Luckily, Racor Home Storage Products asked us to review some of their latest gadgets. To facilitate my review, I was given a Wall Bike Stand, GaragePro Kit, and SecureHold Double Tool Holder.

Racor Wall Bike Stand

Our bulkiest challenge in our garage was how to safely and conveniently store our 4 bikes.  The kids bikes still fit in a little storage alcove we have.  But my and my husband’s bikes take up a load of space, and don’t get daily use.  And yet, I didn’t want to have to get on a ladder to reach my bike when my husband is at work, and my girls and I want to go for a ride – which is what I have been having to do for some time now.   Because of the make up of our garage, we felt it would be best to get a wall mount bike stand.  Racor had just what we were looking for!  The Racor Wall Bike Stand is a simple, efficient design that holds 2 bikes.

Racor Wall Bike Stand
Racor Wall Bike Stand

After my husband painted the walls of the garage, we decided to install the Racor Wall Bike Stand.  I have to admit that I normally dislike these kind of assembly jobs.  They usually take forever, and come with less-than-helpful directions.  We were pleasantly surprised at how simple the bike stand was to put together!  Armed with minimal tools, and the simple directions from Racor, we had the bike stand snapped together and installed in no time!  The hardest part was finding the stud on the wall,  LOL!

Easy Installation of the Racor Wall Bike Stand
Easy Installation of the Racor Wall Bike Stand

My husband and I both appreciate the smart, simple design of the Wall Bike Stand.  Its clean lines and adjustable, non-scratching arms make it both beautiful and functional.  The skid-free rubber “feet” provide stability, helping the bike stand to hold two bikes weighing a total of 100 pounds.  We love the adjustability of the arms – because our bikes have different designs, it was essential that the arms of the bike stand be adjustable and able to accommodate men’s and women’s styled bikes.  With a slight adjustment and a turn of the arm’s tightening screws, we were able to fully support each of our bikes, providing secure, safe, accessible storage for our bikes.  Hallelujah!

Racor GaragePro Storage Kit

It is nearly impossible not to have tools hanging in the garage.  From snow shovels and brooms to weed wackers and axes, we’ve got them all!  Our system (if we could call it that!) for hanging all these tools was a series of random hooks and nails that the previous owner left on the walls.  Pretty?  Definitely not!  And functional?  Well, kind of…


Once we removed the existing hooks, my husband gave the garage a face lift with some fresh, clean paint.  We then got on to installing the GaragePro Kit.

The GaragePro Kit from Racor is made up of two metal rails and multiple adjustable storage hooks.  It even has a shelf for storing smaller, often used items. The two rails can support up to 1,000 pounds combined!  That’s super strength in just 48 inches of space!  We love how the GaragePro includes a variety of different hanging options, making it a truly multi-use storage system.  The GaragePro rails even have their own levels, making proper installation a breeze.

Racor GaragePro Kit


Racor’s SecureHold Double Tool Holders

For long-handled tools, check out the SecureHold Tool Holders.  These hangers are awesome!  They easily mount to the wall with simple screws, and provide secure storage for those unrul,y large tools.  The SecureHold Double Tool Holder we received holds 2 long-handled tools – Racor also makes them in a single size tool holder and a triple size tool holder.  The feature my husband and I appreciate most in the SecureHold Tool Holders is the spring-action, deep V groove that grabs the tools and holds them tightly and securely.  Especially for dangerous tools like axes and heavy trimmers, the SecureHold gives us confidence in knowing that an accidental knock from one of our kids doesn’t mean dangerous tools are sent falling to the floor.  The SecureHold’s “fingers” firmly “grab” the tools.

Racor's SecureHold Tool Holders


Buy Racor Home Storage Products

You can purchase the Wall Bike Stand, GaragePro Kit, and SecureHold Tool Holders directly from Racor on their website, from online retailers like Amazon.com, and local retailers like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Costco, Menards, Sears, Target, and many more.

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