7 Ways to Increase Your Etsy Sales

Etsy is a well-known platform where you can set up a shop and sell handcrafted items, vintage pieces etc. It has over two million sellers, so there is plenty of competition. As a seller, you have to find ways to get the attention of the buyers that visit the platform. Here are some ways to increase your Etsy sales.

  1. Constantly create new product listings

When selling on Etsy, the more product listings you have, the higher the chance of making sales. When you add a new listing, customers who favor your shop will see it, and it encourages them to return to your shop.

One of the ideas to grow your ETSY shop is to turn digital items, like digital art, into physical prints. Using a print-on-demand service means you don’t need to keep inventory, and a print is only made when a customer places an order. You don’t have to manage packaging or shipping either, as this is done for you.

  1. Build brand awareness

You need to build a solid brand that starts with the name of your shop. Your logo, slogan and brand colors must work cohesively to give your customers a memorable impression. “Word of mouth” advertising is often the best way to get customers to your shop, and you can start spreading the word. If they visit your shop and you have a clear brand image, they are more likely to want to tell others about it. The more people start talking about your shop, the more visitors you will have and the more sales you will make.

  1. Focus on SEO for higher Etsy rankings

When buyers on Etsy search for products, Etsy’s algorithm looks for products that match the search query. The greater the relevance, the higher a product will rank. For items to rank in the search, you need to research popular Etsy keywords. There are various keyword tools you can use to do this. You will need to use these keywords in the product title and description if you want customers to find it. Adding tags also supports customer search, and you can add up to 13 on Etsy.

  1. Connect your Etsy shop with your social media accounts

Your social media accounts can provide a way to encourage sales on Etsy. You can expand your reach and increase the credibility of your shop. Some tips to help include:

  • Use ‘mentions’ and ‘hashtags.’
  • Regularly share useful information with your followers.
  • Monitor comments and interact with followers to build relationships.
  • Create giveaway events to encourage your followers to interact with your shop.
  1. Offer Etsy gift cards and coupons

Sellers can take advantage of gift cards and coupons to increase sales. Offering coupons to first-time customers can encourage them to give your products a try. You can use gift cards to reward loyal customers so they will keep buying from you. Many Etsy shops offer coupon codes to Instagram followers to drive more traffic. You can also use coupons to capitalize on seasonal trends and holidays. Why not ask potential customers on social media to share products with friends to earn more coupon codes.

  1. Increase sales to current customers

It is easier to sell to existing customers than to find new ones. You can offer customers items that are complementary to what they buy or offer higher-priced items and add-ons. This can help you to increase the value of orders. For example, you could bundle items, add links to related products, and recommend products based on past purchases.

  1. Consider using free shipping

Free shipping is a common practice shops use to encourage buyers. Make sure offering free shipping doesn’t cause you to make a loss – you have to price your products correctly to ensure this. When customers know that shipping is free, it can remove the last hurdle to buying products like yours online.


As you can see, there are many different strategies you can use to boost your Etsy sales, from constantly creating new product listings, including relevant keywords to offering coupons and free shipping. All of these tips can help you to expand your reach and make your selling processes more effective.

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