8 Tips for Making Bank as an Uber Driver

Uber has become one of the most popular, surefire ways for Americans to pick up extra income. Some people, especially those in large cities, have even made a full-time income from Uber since the app was launched. When you’re a newbie, however, it can be easy to fall into costly pitfalls that will make you much less profitable than possible. If you’re looking to become an Uber driver, and you want to make as much as humanly possible, here are eight tips for making bank as an Uber driver:

1. Provide Snacks and Water

Everyone loves a random snack that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Provide a nice variety of light, tasty, allergy-friendly snacks to your drivers, and they will be much more likely to leave you a great tip and rating. Water is also a safe bet since everyone can enjoy it, and you can provide it bottled so people feel safe consuming it.

2. Avoid Super-Busy Areas

While going to the busiest spot in a city or town may seem like a no-brainer for an Uber driver, it’s one of the worst moves you can make. There’s a lot of lost time involved in trying to navigate hyper-busy, traffic-filled areas, and even if the fare is high, the number of other fares you’ll be missing out on will end up costing you more in the long run. After all, Ubering is all about having a great workflow. Accidents are more common in super-busy areas as well. If you find yourself in an accident while Ubering that is in no way your fault,  Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers to guide you through your legal options.

3. Take Advantage of Nearby Surge Fares

While surge fares can be risky if you go too far out of your way to grab them, if you find one that’s super nearby, you’ll be making bank in no time. Especially if you can begin chaining together great, nearby surge-boosted rides, you’ll find yourself approaching record profits for your Uber shift. Some Uber drivers even do UberEats’ deliveries when fares are scarce, so always keep the app installed if you want to keep as busy as humanly possible.

4. Avoid Driving When You Don’t Have a Fare

Driving around simply because you want to get potentially closer to a fare is another major rookie mistake. You want the fares to simply pop up so that you can avoid wasting gas between rides. With modern gas prices, and the cost of inflation, this tip has become more important for Uber drivers looking to make bank than ever before.

5. Schedule Yourself Ahead of Time

Knowing your schedule ahead of time can provide you with a ton of benefits as an Uber driver. It will allow you to potentially pick up a pre-registered fare, will ensure you’re one of the first in line for solid fares, and will allow you to get into a surge-heavy area before it becomes packed with traffic. If you want to be a successful, profitable Uber driver, this is a must-follow tip that you need to burn into your brain.

6. Refer Friends to Uber

Uber will give you money for referring friends to Uber (whether they are drivers or riders). If you pick up a fare that is interested in joining the Uber workforce, make sure you give them your referral code, as this will help you rack up extra profits faster than you can believe. Many Uber drivers make this a priority, and will even print out cards with their referral code on them that riders can simply take with them if they feel so inclined.

7. Always Track Your Expenses

When you’re driving for Uber, you have to pay your taxes later, as you’re technically a contractor. If you forget to track your expenses, you’ll miss out on tons of write-offs when it comes time to file your taxes. Once again, this is a pitfall that many rookie drivers fall into, and it can cost them thousands of dollars! To stay profitable and happy come tax season, always, always track your Uber expenses.

8. Keep Your Car Clean

Your vehicle’s cleanliness is directly tied to your Uber rating. If you want repeat fares, and for your riders to feel comfortable, you need to keep your car as clean as humanly possible. Psychological principles also point out that people are more likely to respect the cleanliness of a particular space if it’s already squeaky clean. To ensure you don’t have to constantly clean up your riders’ messes, take the first step and make sure you keep the vehicle sparkly and comfortably clean.

Here’s to Your Newly Heavy Bank Account

With these tips, your bank account will be heavier than it’s been in a long, long while. Especially with today’s hyper-inflation, having an extra stream of income is a smart financial move. The social benefits of driving for Uber are difficult to overstate as well. Follow the advice we’ve provided above, and you’ll soon realize why thousands upon thousands of American drivers join Uber’s workforce every single year.

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