Parents – It’s Easier Than you Think to Get Term Life Insurance Quotes and Yes, You Need It (Examples)

As parents, we have so many important tasks to take care of in the moment while other important things get put on the back burner. I know. It’s hard to juggle everything. One thing you really shouldn’t put off and is easier to get than you think are term life insurance quotes. Yes, it is one of the grown-up things that shouldn’t be left for another time and is easier than you think to get started.

First, what is term life insurance? It is basically a contract between you (a policyholder) and an insurance company of your choosing. If you, the insured person, passes away within the time period that you choose for your policy, then the insurance company will pay a death benefit to beneficiaries on your policy. Now, you can see how important this is for everyone, especially parents.

What You Need to know for Term Life Insurance Quotes

Just with basic personal information, you can get your term life insurance quotes and policy in no time with Fabric (see examples of mine below).  There are many companies to choose from but there are really just 2 main decisions to make to get started.

  1. Length of your life insurance
  2. Amount of money you need

So, there are many factors to determine the length of time for your life insurance.  Basically, you want term insurance that will cover your main financial concerns if you should pass early on in life. For instance, if you have a 30 year mortgage, you might want a 30 year policy to cover payments if something would happen to you so your loved ones won’t have to worry about it. As parents, we also want to consider the ages of our kids to ensure they are covered financially at least through collage, etc. The longer term insurance you get, the more expensive.

The amount of money you need in your policy will be different than your friend or other family members. Everyone and every financial situation is different. It all comes down to how much money your loved ones would need to remain financially sound if you would pass away and no longer be providing your income. I know, it is a grime thing to think about, but even grimmer if you don’t do this now.

There are many online resources to figure out what you need to know for term life insurance quotes so you get the perfect policy. Use this tool to calculate how much term life insurance you need to get a basic understanding.

It’s so easy to get started to find a quick term life insurance quote based on your age, basic health, etc with Fabric (linked above). Select the years you need coverage when you request term life insurance quotes to see how that affects your monthly quote. From there, you can get a more detailed term life insurance quote by filling out more details, like do you plan to go hand gliding, drug use, recent medical history, employment, etc. The entire survey takes about 10 minutes to get an actual complete term life insurance quote. Here are examples of what I qualify for – remember, my information and needs are completely different from yours.

As you can see, my policy cost per month changes when I change the dollar amount and term length from my term life insurance quotes.  If you aren’t the sole breadwinner for your family and are a stay-at-home parent, you still need term life insurance. Imagine your spouse trying to take over everything you do to support your family on his own if you were to pass away. Caring for your kids, taking care of the house, running errands, meals, the list goes on and on and on. We know this but often think that stay-at-home parents don’t need term life insurance, this is not correct. Even estimates that everything that a stay-at-home-mom does equals about $178,200!

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Term Life Insurance Quotes

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