Put on your Pouty Face when driving through Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio this summer

Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?  I must admit that I certainly have.  Sometimes it is through tears (real ones because I get so upset) or maybe just a pouting  face.

It seems however that this summer, if you drive through Cuyahoga Falls, you won’t be so lucky.  Cuyahoga Falls has instituted a Traffic Ticket Quota for officers who want to put in overtime.  3 Tickets an hour.

Now, how long did your last ‘got pulled over’ experience last?  about 15-20 minutes right?  well if that is the case, they have to give a ticket to EVERY car that they stop.  You will NOT be getting out of a speeding ticket in Cuyahoga Falls this summer.

According to Ohio.com, Cuyahoga Falls has turned State Route 8 into a bottomless ATM, with the public paying the bill when they are supposed to be the customer.

[exceptional-citing quoted=”ohio.com” template=”elegant-reversed” date=”Bob Dyer” ]What that policy mostly does is foster an “Us Against Them” mentality among the general public. Regular folks who in every other aspect of their lives are fully supportive of law enforcement begin to view squad cars as the enemy.[/exceptional-citing]

Well, where are the speed traps in Cuyahoga Falls? I know of only one. Police like to wait out on route 8 north just north of 59… Watch out there!

A note on Ohio.com

I like reading ohio.com for news.  Their reach of Xteen reporters goes out and gets awesome news on the region everyday.  As a blogger, I wish I had those resources to provide such stories consistently on my site, but, it turns out, I have kids!   Thanks AkronoBeacon Journal for being there newsies and letting me share the city!

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