First Day of Snow Fun

picture of First Day of Snow Smiles

Last night, my son could hardly fall asleep because it was snowing. He even opened his window to see it better, letting in all of the cold air! I was in the office when he ran in to tell me about the snow and that he opened his window. I told him it was exciting but time for bed and not to open the window again.

He left, then came right back. He didn’t want me to miss the excitement! He took me to his room, opened his window again, and showed me the beautiful snow falling softly from the sky.

I remember as a kid being so excited to see snow for the first time of the season. I was even excited to see it last night, the first snow of the season is always fun and a little magical.  Sometimes I have to make myself stop and just be in the moment, enjoying life’s simple pleasures like the first day of snow.

This morning, my kids were up bright and early for a Saturday! They were so excited about the snow, they had to go outside right away!

picture of First Day of Snow Smiles
First Day of Snow Smiles

Luckily we found the gloves, even though Elijah went without! Their snow boots from last year fit enough but I’ll have to buy new ones this season. I should have picked up some on clearance last year like I do with clothes but I just didn’t know what size shoe they would wear this winter. The best bet would have been to go to Kohl’s because they will accept returns, even a year later with tags on.

So, my kids headed right to their playground which is no surprise! Playgrounds are even more exciting when covered in snow!

picture of First Day of Snow & our Backyard Discovery Playset
First Day of Snow & our Backyard Discovery Playset

The snow barely covered the ground and by lunch time it had all melted away. The kids were extra excited to play on the playground because there was actually quite a bit of snow on the playset. Below, Elijah couldn’t wait to make handprints and write in the snow on the playset porch. If he had enough space, he would have been making snow angels for sure!

picture of Happy to find a covered porch of snow
Happy to find a covered porch of snow

I’m so surprised at how much my 5 year old has changed since entering kindergarten. Last year, when it was time to practice writing letters and his name, it was like torture for him – AND me! Now, below you can see him happily writing his name in the snow.  I guess each kid reaches this point at their own speed.

Don’t you just love Elizabeth’s smile?! This is what being a kid is all about, playing, laughing, and having fun on their playground!

picture of Happy on the snowy playground
Happy on the snowy playground

Being up high, my kids found the perfect opportunity to get mom good with snowballs! They had a blast throwing snowballs at me in my pjs! I wanted to get them outside right away because I knew it would melt. I dressed them and bundled them up but didn’t bother to get dressed myself. They were really rushing me to get them outside to play in the snow!!

picture of Throwing snowballs at mom!
Throwing snowballs at mom!

I have been known to run a garden hose down the slide to create a water slide for my kids. With caution, I have done this. Of course, this is not something recommended by Backyard Discovery. The slide gets really slippery! Elijah is just as excited to go down the slide full of snow!

Snow + Spirlal slide = more fun!

My kids love playing outside in the snow and I’m so glad. Although we can’t spend as much time outdoors when it is so good, it does a world of good for them to not be coup up in the house all winter! Having a playset like ours from Backyard Discovery is a good investment for year round fun for your kids. I know we’ll continue to get good use out of it this fall and winter.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Backyard Discovery who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of playsets from Backyard Discovery at

Have you had your fist day of snow yet? How did your kids respond to it?

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