12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Child’s Potential – Power Brain Kids Book Review

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I am always looking for ways to help my kids be healthier and happier. When I came across the book, Power Brain Kids I was curious. It promises 12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Child’s Potential. Don’t we all want our kids to reach their potential?

Power Brain Kids Book Review

The premise of the book, Power Brain Kids is that emotional and physical health influences kids’ ability to learn. Thus, enhanced learning ability leads to a happier and healthier kid.  Brain Education has been implemented in South Korea since the 1980’s and has been introduced in the USA through several K-8 schools.

Through Brain Education, kids in the Generation M – Media generation – learn tools on how to choose and use the massive amount of information available to them every day.

In Power Brain Kids, you’ll find 12 lessons that will guide your kid from Brain Sensitizing where their five senses are awakened to Brain Mastering where kids have greater control of their brain.

Movement is essential for nerve connections needed for brain function. Thus, purposeful exercise can lead to optimal brain function. The book states that it is hard to start an exercise routine as an adult, it is best to give this gift to your children while they are young. Make it fun and entertaining for your kids, and join them! I have found that my kids really enjoy exercising with me. They like to do what I do but also like to teach me what they have learned at school.

The first section of lessons involve physical strength. Many of the exercises will be familiar to you and your kids as they are done in gym class. These exercises encourage coordination between the body and mind, increasing blood flow to the brain. By strengthening your body, you are strengthening your brain. As you and your kids practice, you will find them being able to increase their time and repetitions. This is sooo encouraging to kids.

I like that each exercise has simple directions and multiple photos so you know exactly what to do. Each exercise also explains what that exact exercise does for the body.

My son is having “focus” problems at school. We are trying various things at home, at school, and in our everyday lives to work on this issue before resorting to medications, etc. First things first. In Power Brain Kids, there is one particular exercise that grabbed my attention. It is called Brain Watching and Drawing, it kinda looks like the Big Mind Meditation Dhyana pose.

picture of Brain Watching and Drawing Yoga Pose for Kids
Brain Watching and Drawing Yoga Pose for Kids

Elijah thought this pose was great since it was familiar to him as a yoga pose.

picture of Brain Watching and Drawing Yoga Pose for Kids
Brain Watching and Drawing Yoga Pose for Kids

The Brain Watching and Drawing Yoga Pose helps kids become familiar with their own brain, it helps develop focus (YIPPEE!), imagination, and self-awareness. It starts with your child sitting in this pose with all their muscles relaxed. Then, ask, “What does your head look like from above?” and then “What does your cerebrum look like”, etc. Next, in this exercise, your child will draw their brain, showing all the different shapes and colors.

Other exercises are more physical and can be done at increased repetitions to show progress. With the Brain Watching and Drawing exercise, we will continue to do it and hope to see results with that and the other exercises over time.

Buy Power Brain Kids Book

You can buy Power Brain Kids Book for ages 6-12 on Amazon.com.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Best Life Media who supplied the product for the review.

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