Get Kids Active and Outside with Swagtron

Get your kids active and having fun outside with this amazing scooter!  The Swagtron K8 Titan Kick Scooter is built for performance and portability, making it perfect for taking to the local paved trail or riding across the neighborhood or college campus.

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Keeping kids active can be a challenge so we have to make it fun! My kids have always loved scooters and prefer riding a scooter over a simple walk on the local path.  They love racing each other!  The Swagtron K8 Titan Kick Scooter is perfect for tweens, teens, and even adults up to 220 lbs.

Moms will love the portability of this scooter – especially if you have multiple kids. It weighs only 9.75 pounds and folds down compact with their ‘quick-fold & go’ design that locks it in place while traveling. It easily opens back up.  This scooter makes it easy to transport or keep in the car for spontaneous fun and exercise outside.  It sure beats trying to lug bikes to a path!

The extra large wheels with ABEC-9 bearings provide an exceptionally smooth ride, even on not-so-perfect surfaces.  We’ve had other scooters and this is by far the smoothest ride. The large wheels were the first thing my daughter noticed, it provides stability as well.  Providing the right equipment to keep kids safe, active, and outside is essential if you want them to keep it up.

The wheels are large but also performance based for speed too. You can really kick up some speed if you try! Believe me, kids and teens will love how fast they can go on this scooter – powered by their kicking off.

The large base provides plenty of space for your feet as well. My daughter is a size 9 women’s shoe, so you can see there is plenty of room for her. My son is a men’s size 12.5 and rides this well too. It is a secure grip.

This may seem minor but it isn’t. This scooter has a kick-stand too. This makes keeping the scooter in top-notch, scratch-free condition easy while parked on an outing or in the garage.

Another little bonus that my kids like is the attached bell that they can ring as they pass people on the trail.  Like I said, you can get some good speed (and exercise) on this scooter, your kids will be passing people in no time. I highly suggest you purchase a scooter of your own to ride side by side as there is no way you can walk next to them – maybe jog?

Riding a scooter brings out the kids in adults too. Like I said, getting kids outside for exercise can be a challenge but not when you make it fun!  You can burn 200 calories with just a 1/2 hour of scooter riding!  When given the chance, I love riding this Swagtron scooter. I feel in complete control and balanced while riding this scooter. I can ride it for 1/2 hour at a time and the time just passes by – the bonus, I feel like a kid and it is super fun. Other scooters don’t feel as comfortable as an adult to ride. Swagtron has even more scooters options for younger children and adults. They have scooters, skateboards, and more that will keep your family active and outside all season long!

The K8 Titan is a good option for the tween/teen and adult market – the height is adjustable. Buy it now for only $79.99!

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