Invest in Your Child’s Love of Cycling with an Islabike

Islabike Review

Give your young bicyclist the performance edge they deserve with a children’s specialty bike. Islabikes are built for the child that want to push the envelope of speed, get serious about mountain biking, and develop a life-long love of cycling. The ground breaking designs of Islabikes are innovative, ultra-light weight, and engineered to ergonomically fit your child.

My daughter is almost 10 and loves biking.  She is thrilled with her Islabike Beinn 26 large, it fits her body and skill level. Islabike Review

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Islabike Beinn 26 Large Review

The Beinn 26 large is designed for kids 10+ with a minimum inseam of 27 inches and height of 57.5 inches. I love how exact Islabike is, you know you are getting a bike that will fit your child!   Her previous bike slowed her down with a clunky frame, 0 speeds, and poor brakes. She is tall enough for an adult bike but still young and not ready for a large bike.  Islabike Review

Islabikes are scaled to suit the dimensions of a growing child, even with adult-sized wheels.  This bike can take her from mountain biking to trail blazing to touring to going to school. It also is a fine ride for the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath with mostly a limestone surface but with some asphalt pavement as well.

The Beinn is lightweight at only 21.7 lbs, including pedals. This makes it a breeze to transport in the car as well as to ride. Nothing slows my daughter down now, even on the hills she is in more control.Islabike Review

Speaking of hills, this is the first bike that my daughter has with gears. Switching gears can be difficult especially when the chain falls off because you do it improperly! The Islabike Beinn 26 boasts intuitive gearing so children quickly learn to accurately use their gears.  This bikes offers 8 speeds with a wide-ration Sram X4 gears with light action shifter to make biking easier, allowing your child to go faster, bike longer, and enjoy it. 8 speeds is more than enough for a young child, no need to extra gears that come standard on other bikes because it is easier for them to manufacturer them that way.Islabike Review

The little things on this bike also delight my daughter like the bell. Biking on an Islabike is the start of a life-long love of cycling, exercise, and exploring. I couldn’t be more pleased that my children are benefiting from the expertise of an accomplished cyclist, Isla Rowntree who designs each bike based on her experience as a national and international cyclist. She leads in the world of children’s bicycle designs.Islabike Review

My daughter use to worry about hills because she didn’t know how to properly brake. With the Beinn, she brakes with no fear because she is in control. This bike includes short-reach aluminum brake levers with V-brakes. This gives her small hands the power of light action braking. I just love how ergonomic this bike is for children. This bike is perfect and specific for my daughter’s height and age. This may not be the bike for your child, check out their sizing guide for a listing of all bikes that will fit your child perfectly.Islabike Review

Islabike Luath 700 Review

My son is tall for his age of 11 yet he is still a relatively young biker if you consider putting him on an adult bicycle. We couldn’t be happier than we are with the Islabike Luath 700. This bike is designed for kids ages 11+ with minimum inseam of 27 inches and minimum height of 58.5 inches – it fits him perfectly. More than that, he loves getting outside to bike everywhere! When a bike proportionally fits a child, it makes all the difference. It’s like a pair of new shoes that make you feel like you can jump higher and run faster – but instead, in this case, it really does help children bicycle longer and faster.

Islabike Review

We have bicyclists race up and down our road nearly year-round. The shape of this Islabike is very similar to the professional bicycles I see on the roads, however this bike it proportioned for my child. A bicycle should never be a one-size-fits-all. The Luath 700 offers short-reach brake leversl with top-mount supplementary levers that fit my son’s hands perfectly for safe stopping. The proportional anatomic dropped handlebars are comfortable for my son for long distance biking on all surfaces including smooth paved, grassy, dirt, and the crushed limestone and boardwalk of the Towpath.Islabike Review

This bike will take my son anywhere and in a hurry because what 11 year old isn’t in a hurry!? I’m finding it more difficult to keep up with my kids as they grow into young men and women but when it comes to getting exercise outside biking, it is a very good thing! This bike allows my son to speed through trails with a 16-speed, wide-ration gears and compact 24-46t chainset with proportional cranks. Just try to keep up with him! The lightweight 22.5lb frame makes it easier for kids to ride as well.

Purchase an Islabike

I hope that my Islabike review has been helpful to you in finding a good bicycle for your child. You can purchase your Islabike here.

I can’t emphasis enough that the size of the bicycle matters in the safety, ride-ability, and long-term desire of children to bike. Each Islabike bike model is specifically designed for the ability and age of the child with every component by a leading expert in the field of cycling.

Islabike Review

Purchasing a bike that is specifically designed for the safety and whole ride experience isn’t a cheap buy at your local big box store.  An Islabike is an investment that will retain value because it offers the ideal fit, durability, and ease of maintenance. Plus, when your child outgrows their Islabike, Islabike has a buy-back program – the demand for pre-loved Islabikes is high and there is little depreciation on the bike.

Investing in an Islabike is an investment in your child as the best start in cycling. Islabikes offer a 90 day free return policy. Find your child’s perfect fit on the Islabike website today.

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