Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale Review

Biggest Loser Electronic Scale

When maintaining or losing weight, having an accurate scale is essential. With Taylor USA, you have more than 150 years of precision measurement so you know you can count on it. And a scale with a name like The Biggest Loser, you know that it does a lot more than just weigh you! I had the opportunity to review the Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale and want to share with you my findings.

Hands On Review of Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale

Like I said, this scale does way more than just give you a number to know your weight in pounds. The Biggest Loser™ Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale helps you set and track your goals with tracking software for up to 2 people, with storing of weight available for 4 people. Eat too many goodies during the holidays? Maybe you AND your husband can use the Biggest Loser scale to get back on track.  This scale has a capacity of 400 lbs, uncommon among other brands. Plus, there is extra platform space. This is a nice looking scale with a white ribbed mat on top that is easy to clean.

Biggest Loser Electronic Scale - Box
Biggest Loser Electronic Scale - Box.

Check out the Jumbo 2″ screen too with 2 lines for data. It makes it easy to read the data.

With Goal Weight Feature, the scale tracks the difference between your target weight and your actual weight. With Taylor, you know you are getting exact weight measurements, with a weight graduation of just 0.2lb! Pretty precise!

Biggest Loser Electronic Scale
The Biggest Loser™ Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale

Like I said, it is a nice looking scale that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s rather slim. You can read the data in lb, kg, or st units of measure.

Biggest Loser Electronic Scale being used by Elijah
Biggest Loser Electronic Scale on the floor

So happy that my son is more than happy to hop up on the scale so that I don’t have to demo it online. This is an easy-to-use scale, with all the fancy features, it is easy to us. It has an istant on, auto zero, auto off, and low battery indicator.

Biggest Loser Electronic Scale - Elijah weights 60 pounds!
Elijah weighs 60 lbs! Wow!

This scale also includes a sample DVD of a Biggest Loser Workout, let me just tell you – there’s no wonder why they lose all that weight! It is a challenge.

Biggest Loser Club and Free Biggest Loser Books

By using the promo www.biggestloserclub.com/taylor you can get all the support you need to lose weight “Biggest Loser Style” plus free books. In order to receive 3 free Biggest Loser books including a fitness program, weight loss program, and family cookbook, you need to sign up for their club at $3 a week for 3 months. This is inexpensive weight loss management support. The Biggest Loser Club delivers the same diet & fitness program followed on the show, daily meal plans & recipes, customized fitness program, connect with other biggest losers, personal progress journal, newsletters, tips, and more.

Why choose Taylor USA Scales?

For over 150 years, Taylor has been delivering “strong brands, high quality, high accuracy and dedication to innovating both the professional and consumer markets.” Their motto has always been “accuracy first”. The Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale is accurate up to 400lb in 0.2 lb increments. You can trust Taylor USA in measurement products for home and industry from thermometers, to weight management, to kitchen, to altimeters used in fighter planes.

Taylor USA Products:

  • Weight Management Products: Analog scales, Electronic Scales, Glass Electronic Scales, and BMI Scales.
  • Kitchen: Taylor is known for their Food Scales, Thermometers, Timers, and Kitchen Appliances.
  • Environment: Taylor is your source for Weather Stations, Hygrometers, Rain Gauges, Thermometers, and Clocks.
  • Restaurant and Hospitality industry: Thermometers and Scales.
  • Industrial: They also have a line of products for the power generation industry, chemical process industry, food process industry, pharmaceutical industry, and air and water system industry.

Buy the Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale

You can purchase the Taylor Biggest Loser # 7334 Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale and other Taylor scales nationwide at: Ace Hardware, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Meijer, Menards, Publix, Sears, Shopko, Sur La Table, Target, True Value, Wal-Mart, Wegman’s, and more. You can also find their products on Amazon.com. Click below to purchase the Taylor USA Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale for about $25 – $30.

Win the Taylor Biggest Loser Lithium Electronic Weight Management Scale (Closed)

Updated: 12/20/10 Winner Announced:Amy Porter

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on December 29th, 2010 when a winner will be drawn at random and announced the next day. When commenting, note that your included email address is not visible to public. I will notify the winners and they will have 36 hours to respond!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Taylor USA who provided the product for review & giveaway.

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  1. brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…we like Taylor’s “STP2050 Mahogany Garment Butler” !

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  2. Karen Gonyea says:

    I also love the AG-1300-BL Biggest Loser™ DoubleUp™ Grill and Panini Maker 🙂

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  3. Kayla D. says:

    I like either one of the blenders. I love smoothies, but don’t want to have to pay $3 or more for one if I can make my own at home.


  4. Jennifer Barr says:

    I learned: Anyone, male or female, with a BMI of 25 to 29 is considered overweight and a body mass index of 30 is considered obese

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  5. Heidi Garrett says:

    I would love to win this scale as my husband and I are starting the biggest loser weight loss program next week! 🙂

  6. natasha tucker says:

    I would love the biggest loser kitchen scale! It would be great since we’re doing weight watchers and constantly measuring our portions 🙂

  7. Auriette says:

    I wasn’t familiar with the Taylor name, but I visited the website and learned that they make a wide variety of products. I love the clothes steamer and hand-held luggage scale.

  8. Zoey Smith says:

    I learned that the full line of Taylor Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers makes monitoring Mother Nature dependable and simple for anyone from the casually curious to the gardening guru. erfectly blending function and design, these Taylor thermometers deliver fashionable decoration for the home or garden.

  9. Salleefur/Jesslyn says:

    Both my husband and I have had to carefully monitor our weight ever since we were both diagnosed with Hypo-Active Thyroid Disease. My husband is still a very avid outdoorsman and has always taken a keen interest in the weather and meteorology in general. I know he’d be thrilled to have the “1507 Wireless Weather Station with color LCD and NOAA Weather Radio” at Taylor Products.

    (Oh and we BOTH need the scale!)

  10. Kim H. says:

    1528 Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is also something that I’d love to have.
    I didn’t know there was a store that had these things! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  12. Kimberly says:

    I would also like to own the Biggest Loser™ DoubleUp™ Grill and Panini Maker. It looks better than the George Forman. 🙂

  13. OlyveOyl says:

    I believe I could benefit from using the AG-1300-BL Biggest Loser™ DoubleUp™ Grill and Panini Maker. Not only does it open to 180 degrees for grilling at the push of a button, the floating hinge automatically adjusts to different size sandwiches/meat/snack. It appears that cooking and clean up could be easy with this product.

  14. Kendra G says:

    The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most widely accepted measure of weight according to health professionals.
    thanks for the chance
    nice looking scale
    kendraco22 at yahoo dot com

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  18. Sharon Harmon says:

    I’d like to own the awesome The Biggest Loser™ Digital Nutritional Scale! I’m tired of trying to guess the weight and calories of what I’m eating! 😉

  19. Evmaggie says:

    I haven’t had a scale in my home since my 20’s now that Iam in my 50’s it would be great to have in order for me to see my realization of my weight

  20. DebbyM says:

    I would love to have the DoubleUp™ 9 Piece Multi Chopper and Storage System. Seems like it would be a real time and space saver!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Happy Holidays!

  21. Carol Harrity says:

    I’ve been losing weight-I know because my clothes are all a lot looser-but I don’t know how much. Having a scale would be a great reminder to keep losing. At 70 my eyes are not quite as good as they were, so I really like the digital readout feature of this scale.

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