How to Cut Calories by 75% and Carbs with Truvia Natural Sweetener

Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

Are you looking for safe, natural ways to cut calories from your diet? Or are you a carb-counter for health or medical reasons and can’t find a natural product that taste good?

I’ve experimented with quite a few alternative sweeteners to sugar – for baking, lemonade, etc. Some are downright awful tasting and many are artificial sweeteners that rises many concerns for me. One natural sweetener that I’ve come to rely on and enjoy is Truvía®. Skip down below to learn more about how Truvía is an excellent choice for diabetics.

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Natural Sweeterner with 0 Carbs

Truvía is a natural sweetener that offers 0 carbs (read more on this below) and 0 calories. It comes in a variety of sizes to convenience: individual packets, spoonable container, and baking blends.

I keep the spoonable container on my counter for daily use – for sweetening lemonade or my coffee to fresh fruit or my morning cereal. Strawberries have been on sales and delicious lately here in Ohio, so we enjoyed delicious strawberry shortcake.Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

Just sprinkle on about 1 tablespoon to sweeten an entire bowl of strawberries. That is because Truvia is made from the Stevia leaf that has a high purity and consistent sweetener. It’s been used for hundreds of years but may be new to you. I suggest you give it a try. It makes desserts like Strawberry Shortcake less calories and carbs! I large serving is just 25 carbs because Truvia doesn’t count! Yay! With sugar, it would be closer to 40 carbs!

Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

I also like the convenience of Truvía packets to sweeten individual servings of coffee, tea, yogurt, cereal, and more.  They travel well too! BTW, isn’t my Cinderella cup super cute? It was a gift during my Cinderella trip earlier this month. Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

Baking with Truvia (Stevia)

You can also make all your favorite sweets with the Truvia Sugar Blends.  Replace the brown sugar and sugar in your recipe with the blends. You can also check out delicious recipes on the Truvia website. Truvia blends combine both stevia and sugar together for a sugar blend that offers 75% less calories – and less carbs!

I’ve tried to the Truvia Baking Blend before to replace sugar and have had good success. This was my first time with the Truvia Brown Sugar Blend and I was very pleased with the results.  It cooks and bakes like ordinary sugar and brown sugar.

Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

You use a lot less of the sugar blends than ordinary sugars. For instance you use just 1/2 cup Truvia Brown Sugar Blend compared to 1 cup of ordinary brown sugar. That’s 210 calories compared to 830!! WOW!

One small bag of Truvia Baking Blend is the same as a huge 3-lb bag of sugar. 1/2 cup Truvia (190 calories) is the same as 1 cup sugar (760 calories). What an easy way to cut calories by 75%!!

I just made the recipe from the chocolate chip bag and replaced with the baking blends. Truvia has a great chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe too. I like to pile my cookie dough up high to get thick, chewy cookies.Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

Yum! You can’t even tell the difference in taste. These low carb chocolate chip cookies are about 12 carbs each compared to 25+ for ordinary cookies.  That means more cookies and milk for snack time!Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

As a mom of a Type 1 Diabetic, I have searched and searched the aisles at stores and bakeries for chocolate chip cookies that are less than 15 carbs each – which is the normal serving size for a snack for diabetics. I have cried in the grocery store many, many times. The tears well up easily when you just want to give your kid something ‘normal’ like the other kids without the need for an extra shot. It really, really stinks that my son can’t have 2-3 cookies as a treat. Now he can, he can easily have 2 cookies at snack time for a reasonable carb snack.

To me, Truvia is more than an alternative to sugar. It is more than cutting calories by 75%. It is a way to give my son the childhood that every other kid can have – an after school snack of 1-2 cookies – without getting another shot…Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

I can have cookies in my cookie jar again with Truvia!Baking with Truvia Natural Sugar

Truvia is Gluten-Free and MSG-Free too.

Truvía and Diabetes

Since my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, we started looking for lower carb recipes and ingredients and have been so pleased with Truvia. Type 1 Diabetes is different than Type 2 Diabetes, it cannot be reversed through diet and exercise. There is no cure. However, we have to count every carb that he eats and give him insulin to cover it or his blood sugar would skyrocket.

Truvía is a great natural sweetener choice for all diabetics. Read all about Truvia and Diabetes.  Truvía is just as natural as sugar, but it doesn’t come from sugar cane, it is from stevia leaf extract and erythritol. What I love about Truvía for diabetes is that it doesn’t effect blood glucose levels for my son. There have been actual studies that conclude that Truvía has no effect on the glycemic index. The way this happens is because even though it contains carbs, it is actually a sugar alcohol which your body can’t use as energy or to create glucose. That means that you don’t have to count the carbs – giving the diabetic so much freedom.

You can purchase Truvia at retailers nationwide and on

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