Enjoy Filtered Water Everywhere with ZeroWater Tumbler

Are you getting enough water? If you are like most, (75%) you are dehydrated right now. I talk about drinking enough water often, but it is because dehydration can lead to serious complications, including potentially life-threatening conditions. We all know how important water is and that we should drink more but we all have excuses.

There is a simple solution: Drink more water.

Yet we still don’t drink enough water…my solution is to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere – all day long. If the water is fresh and taste good, I drink more of it.

I use to keep a 24 pack of water in my car until I learned that if those water bottles heat up, they release harmful chemical from the plastic bottles!

My solution: a ZeroWater Tumbler

Zero Water Tumbler
ZeroWater Tumbler

I received product to facilitate this post.

Enjoy Filtered Water Everywhere with ZeroWater Tumbler

ZeroWater Tumblers filter water from any potable water source into crystal clear water with 000 dissolved solids! ZeroWater’s  5-Stage Ion Exchange filter has made their pitchers and dispensers very popular. Now, this same filtration system is variable in a portable tumbler!

Zero-Water-Tumbler-2 zerowatertumblerNow, I have no excuse to not have fresh, clean, water with ERO Contamination every day, all day, anywhere I go. I can even pack the ZeroWater Tumbler with me while traveling and fill it up at the water fountain on the other side of TSA airport security check point.  Plus, I won’t have to rely on a glass glass at hotels or restaurants for fresh water.

Do you worry about toxins found in normal tap water? ZeroWater is the only water filtration system to receive the NSF endorsement for reducing chromium-6, lead, and aluminum!

Make the commitment today for you and your family to drink more healthy water this season and stay hydrated with your own ZeroWater Tumblers. You can purchase at retailers online and on Amazon.com for about $15 each.

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