Keep Food Fresh for 8 Times Longer with This!

Are you tired of throwing away spoiled food. I like to keep fresh produce in the house but sometimes I purchase more than my family can consume before it goes bad. I also get frustrated when other items in my house go stale because the bags weren’t closed or properly sealed including nuts, coffee, tea, baked goods, and chips. I’m thrifty, so I hate wasting money and tossing out food, especially expensive fruits and vegetables.


I received product to facilitate this post.

What if you could keep your food fresher for 8 times longer?! Think of the money you’d save from not tossing out stale, old f00d and the time you’d save by buying in bulk. The Ankomn Savior is the world’s most powerful non-electric vacuum sealed container made for food storage, keeps food fresher up to 8 TIMES LONGER. You can actually keep bananas fresh for 3 weeks with this container! Seriously amazing!

The Ankomn Savior is unique from other vacuum sealed containers because it is non-electric but just as powerful and amazing to use. An air-tight seal is created by just twisting the lid 3 times to shut and then easily opens with a push of the button.

Don’t you hate it when lettuce and salad mix goes bad just a few days after you purchase it? The Ankomn Savior keeps it fresh for weeks – yes, you can store in the refrigerator!


You can purchase your own Ankomn Savior starting at just $69.99 on the Ankomn website and on

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