Free Carpet Installation at Lowe’s + STAINMASTER Carpet Pad Review

Last week, I told you about how pleased we were with our Lowe’s STAINMASTER Carpet Installation in our Living Room. If you are thinking of installing new carpet in your home, now is the time. You can get Free Carpet Installation at Lowe’s between now and March 18, 2013!

Free Carpet Installation at Lowe’s

To get free carpet installation at Lowe’s, simply buy any STAINMASTER® carpet and STAINMASTER® pad and they will install install both for FREE. This drastically cuts the cost of updating your home with new carpet!

This is for basic installation, so if you have special needs like steps, that will be extra. You can add removal, haul-away, and furniture removal to any carpet installation but this free deal isn’t for those extras either.  The offer ends on March 18, 2013. Find all the details on Lowe’s Carpet Installation here.

Lowe’s STAINMASTER Carpet Pad Video Review

Lowe’s STAINMASTER Carpet Pad Review

We had our living room carpet installed and were so pleased with how it totally transformed our living room. Read my Lowe’s STAINMASTER Carpet Installation in our Living Room post.

People put a lot of focus on what carpet they want to buy but hardly give the carpet pad a second thought. This is a serious oversight. I must tell you what I learned about STAINMASTER carpet pad. I was so impressed!

Installing a STAINMASTER carpet pad can actually extend the life of your carpet and even the carpet warranty. Plus, have you ever had a spot or stain in your carpet that you can never get rid of, even after shampooing your carpet? Read on to find out why this happens and why it won’t with STAINMASTER carpet pad.

Below is my living room after they removed our old carpet and pad.

Installing Stainmaster Carpet Pad
Empty room before installing STAINMASTER Carpet Pad

One of our Lowe’s carpet installers explained to me that Lowe’s uses a premium adhering spray to bond the carpet padding to concrete slabs like my home.  They use another technique for homes with sub-floors. The premium Nashua tape product adheres the carpet pad without the fumes that other brands are known for. In fact, other sprays have warning labels for combustion which could be dangerous while installing carpet in areas like the basement near furnaces and low ventilation. I’m just happy that Lowe’s uses high quality products, especially since I am so sensitive to harsh smells. I was in the other room when they installed the carpet pad and didn’t smell a thing!

Installing Stainmaster Carpet Pad
Installing STAINMASTER Carpet Pad

Not all carpet pads are the same. STAINMASTER carpet pads come with an exclusive moisture barrier that prevents spills from penetrating through the carpet pad. Ordinary carpet pad allows spills to be trapped causing mold, mildew, smells, and even damage to the sub-floor.  If you have ordinary carpet pad, this is why you have trapped stains that you can never get rid of because they keep coming back up from underneath the carpet. By installing a STAINMASTER carpet pad, spills will be repelled by the pad so you can actually clean the spill  because it won’t be trapped.

Installing Stainmaster Carpet Pad
Installing STAINMASTER Carpet Pad

STAINMASTER carpet pad offers a breathable moisture barrier too. This is very important if you have a concrete slab home like mine. Did you know that if you put carpet over concrete that water vapors will come up through the concrete and into your carpet?  The average 15′ x 15′ room located on a concrete slab has 2-1/2 gallons of water vapor naturally come up through the ground per month.   Ordinary carpet pad will trap that water beneath your pad, leading to mold, mildew and bacteria. Yuck!

The STAINMASTER carpet pad offers an exclusive breathable moisture barrier that allows the water vapor to pass through and evaporate into the air. This keeps your home healthier in so many ways.

See why I couldn’t resist telling you all that I learned about STAINMASTER carpet pad? As a mom, I want carpet and a carpet pad that will keep my home cleaner and healthier. Plus, having a product that can extend the life of my carpet – and investment – is imperative.

Stop by Lowe’s…

If you are considering re-carpeting your house or a room, now is the time. Stop by your local Lowe’s and check out their selection of STAINMASTER carpet for your family like we did. Don’t forget, the Free carpet installation at Lowe’s ends on March 18, 2013. This deal is only for the STAINMASTER brand and you must purchase both the carpet and pad from Lowe’s to get the FREE install.

Stay tuned for a full review of our carpet selection and the installation of carpet on our stairs and upstairs hallway by Lowe’s. You won’t believe the transformation!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Lowe’s and STAINMASTER for their ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at and

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