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I was given the challenge to find a friend to test out the new Colgate Kids Mouthwash with their children. Personally, we include mouthwash in our oral hygiene routine about 1/2 the time. Unfortunately, we’ve gone in spurts and a lot of it depends on how much my kids enjoy the mouthwash!

There are many benefits to using mouthwash for kids and adults alike. Mouthwash freshens your breath, protects against cavities, helps strengthen enamel, protects against periodontal disease, helps prevent plaque, and cleans your whole mouth. It is a very good addition to your oral health routine.

My kids tested out the new Colgate Kids Mouthwash too and were happy to add it to their routine – on a much more consistent basis. We actually forgot last night, so my daughter got out of bed at 10pm – way past her bedtime – to ask if she could use the mouthwash! What was I suppose to say? LOL


I received product to facilitate this post.

My friend thought mouthwash was just for adults and personally uses an alcohol based mouthwash that burns. This is not the case with the Colgate Kids Mouthwash that contains no alcohol and is gentle for kids. Mouthwash gets in between the teeth where your toothbrush cannot.

She asked me a couple questions that I had never even considered, so I did a little research on the proper use of mouthwash.

  • Use mouthwash before you brush and floss for the most benefits
  • Use a mouthwash with fluoride
  • Swish for about 45 seconds to fully coat the teeth and mouth
  • Don’t rinse your mouth with water after using mouthwash

My friend has a son, so he tried out the new Colgate Kids Mouthwash with the fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design. He immediately said it looked fun and cool, which for my kids is 1/2 the battle.

My friend was surprised to see that it wasn’t a big deal to introduce this new element to their dental routine, her son gave two thumbs up!  It is a new thing for them, so forming a new habit of using it daily is still in the beginning stages. She plans to be consistent with it and hopes that her son will continue to use it as long as continues to remind him for now.

My kids liked the Turtle Power Bubble Fruit flavor best over the Bubble Gum Burst flavor. I like having my kids use the mouthwashes because it is an added layer of protection against cavities.

You can buy the new Colgate Kids Mouthwash at mass retailers nationwide for $3.49 each. and on Amazon.com.


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