How Futuro Hosiery Can Save Your Life – Review

picture of Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks

Blood clots are silent killers. If you have a sibling with blood clots, your risk is increased 50-fold.  That’s me. My brother suffers from blood clots, so that means, I need to watch for symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Are you at risk for DVT or blood clots? More than 600,000 Americans are affected each year, 100,000 of whom die from DVT, the silent killer. There are many causes like sitting still for a long time, traveling by plane or car. Many of us will be doing a lot of travel with the upcoming holiday season, either by plane or car.  Even pregnancy affect blood flow. Don’t let your holiday travels affect your health.

Symptoms and Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Symptoms include swelling, pain in legs, warmth over affected area, and changes in skin color.  If you think you may have DVT, see your doctor. There are many forms or treatments and drugs to help prevent DVT. One such treatment is through compression stockings. This helps prevents swelling associated with DVT. Such stockings are worn to the knee or higher. The pressure and support from the stockings help reduce the chances that your blood will pool and clot. One such product is by a well-known brand of 3M called Futuro.

Futuro Revitalizing and Energizing Hosiery Review

So, how wonderful is it to wear “compression stockings”? Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Not really. In fact, with my tired, achy feet, I didn’t think the word “compression” sounded very comfortable at all. I guess the people at Futuro have done a little more research than me because I was dead-wrong.

I was able to review the Revitalizing Trouser Socks for Women and the Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for Women for this review.  My first impression was that the socks and pantyhose looked stylish. Not what I expected from “compression hosiery”. The Futuro hosiery looks and feels just like regular hosiery.

But, how did they feel? To be honest, the first time I slipped on the socks, I noticed that they were definitely fitted. Nothing lose at all. In fact, they fit so well that I could wear them all day without slippage and adjusting. Don’t you hate it when your socks fall down into your shoes!? And, surprisingly to me, they were very comfortable. I can wear them all day and really feel the difference.

Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks for Women

Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks for Women are designed to help with tired or achy legs, mild varicose veins, and mild swelling. Good for DVT as well. How does it do all of this? It gives you compression from the annkle up your leg, with the most compression at the ankle. As you move, the socks massages your achy legs. These socks are designed to promote healthy blood flow greater compression at ankle and less up the leg.

picture of Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks
Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks

Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose for Women (French Cut)

Combine fashion and comfort with the Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose. Whether you are traveling or running around a busy office, having supportive, energizing pantyhose will give you the support your tired legs need. These pantyhose are designed to help tired or achy legs, mild varicose veins, and mild swelling. The way they work is through graduated compresseion. THe most compression is at the ankle and decresases as it goes up your leg. By simply moving, the pantyhose massage your legs.

picture of Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose
Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose

Buy Futuro Hosiery

You can buy Futuro Hosiery nationwide at stores such as Walgreens or on

Win Futuro Hosiery (Closed)

Updated: 9-19-11 Winner Announce: Letessha Williams

Futuro Hosiery is generously providing you the chance to win a pair of Futuro Revitalizing Trouser Socks and Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Pantyhose in your size. ($35 value)

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Futuro Hosiery who provided the products for review and giveaway.

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