Expect Cicadas in Eastern Ohio in the Summer of 2016

That rattling bug noise, you know, the one that sounds like a pile of tiny shaking maracas?  This summer of 2016, you will hear up to 1.5 MILLION OF THEM PER ACRE.

3 Types of Cicadas will emerge from the ground in Easter Ohio as Brood V, as part of their 17-year life cycle.  These 1 to 3 Inch Monster Bugs will scream for each other through incredibly loud mating calls, have the females lay their eggs. and then the adults will die while the young make their way underground where they will eat and grow until that generation emerges.

Last appearing in 1999 (I was a newlywed and apparently didn’t notice), the brood of scary insects will climb from the ground when the earth temperature reaches 64 degrees – so May 2016.  Cicadas live underground at the base of trees, or in Ohio’s Forests.  So if you live near the woods.. Get Ready.




Cicadas don’t eat as they don’t have chewing mouth parts! They will suck the life juices out of tree branches, however.  So if you have ornamental trees, japanese maples, dogwoods, consider buying some netting, taping off the main trunk, and/or getting the hose to shoot off the buggers during the summer.


Cicadas Start out in their wingless state, climb up tree trunks and molt their skin, revealing their winged nature.  You may recognize the exoskeleton state if you dig and plant around trees in your yard- as they are always there- 16 summer seasons at a time.


I remember a social event /camp as a child in 1982.  Under many many trees, the bugs were everywhere.  Super slow, you could pick them up and get grossed out.  I am kind of excited to let my kids experience cicadas!



So what are your plans with the cicadas?  Will you pose for selfies?  Will you barbecue them (the younger ones are not as hard, I read) or will you make your own cicada compost?  Regardless, do know, that dogs LOVE to eat them…  So…. A gross year.


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