I’m Installing Drone Traps in my Yard this Spring

Once a week or so, a story hits the interwebs about neighbor A getting mad and confronting neighbor B about a drone peering through a bedroom window.

Often times, there is a shotgun involved.

And broken plastic, broken rotors, and a man remote controlling a whole lot of nothing after said shotgun involvement.

It is a brave new world of mankind fighting back against robots, Artificial Intelligence, and flying quad copter drones.  Shotguns, can of course, send people to jail, and are in general are not a great idea outside of those of you living on a farm.

So, this year, I am installing drone traps in my yard.



Sure there are options, and you can buy baseball capture nets at a variety of sizes for little as little as a quarter per square foot, but your house could end up looking like something that should be placed on the set of MASH 4077.

Better looking Drone Deterrents

This year, it is time to start looking forward. Looking for protection from the rapid escalation of quadcopter and drone sales, and the inevitable peeping drone ready to see me in my skivvies.

So, I turn to history, or at least to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky. –Misquoted Charlemagne by the father of Indiana Jones.

Identifying what Drone Pilots hate the most is quite an easy task using Google Trends.  One of the fastest growing trends for drones is when a search references a drone, and a tree.

Trees LOVE to eat Drones.  It’s like every drone on earth is piloted by Charlie Brown.

Copyright 1967 Charles M. Schultz.

See the Spike for Drones and Trees in 2015?  They are being eaten at an alarming rate, it seems…


So what do google users find when they search for Drone in Tree?


First off, 1000s of images…

Results from Google Images
Results from Google Images

Secondly, they find dozens of videos suggesting HOW to get a Drone out of a tree.  Here’s an example

So this Arbor Day, (April 29th) It’s time to invest in your privacy, and save your household against the threat of drones and their pilots.

Plant trees around your home.

You can buy inexpensive and fast growing poplar tree saplings by the dozens to capture a wide variety of drones from the Arbor Day Foundation, or visit your local nursery. I’ve read that certain hybrid poplars can grow up to 10 feet per year and live 40 or more years.

Do remember, when it is tree against drone, and there’s a little wind or a less than careful pilot, trees win every time.

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