Save Time and Water by Watering Plants at the Root with GrowOya

growoya saves time watering

It has been a HOT summer in Akron, Ohio. I love the heat for hot days by the pool. Unfortunately, this heat also means extra time watering plants and flowers in our gardens and containers.

I’m so thankful to have found GrowOya earlier this Summer – it saves me time watering because I only water every 3 days and it saves water. Here is how:

Just like the pre-Columbian Americas, I am using an unglazed ceramic pot for home gardening.  I “planted” a GrowOya pot in my flower and vegetable gardens and filled it with water every three days. All of the vegetable plants and flowers that are planted near the GrowOya get exactly the right amount of water they need from the GrowOya.  It waters my plants at the root.

I love the convenience of GrowOya because I know my plants are getting all the water they need without flooding them at the surface. The water goes straight to the roots of my plants.

I appreciate the time I save using GrowOya and would like to purchase more to cover my entire landscaping. It saves me time from watering so that I can spend more time having fun with my kids..

It isn’t too late to purchase and “plant” your GrowOya. You’ll simply bury the GrowOya in the ground next to the plants that you would like to be naturally watered.  Fill the GrowOya with water and close the cap (this keeps out mosquitoes and other critters). Refill it about once every few days.

Not only does GrowOya save me a lot of time, it also saves water. Did you know that up to 70% of water is evaporated at the surface or runs off, not even reaching your plants’ roots? Surface watering waste a lot of water – plus it feeds the weeds to grow around your plants. Watering at the root is best.

Order your GrowOya now for all your flower beds, vegetable gardens, and container gardening. They are reusable too, simply dig it up and plant it again next spring. Find the nearest retailer here. In the Akron, Ohio area you can find GrowOya at Suncrest Gardens in Peninsula, Ohio. You can also purchase on the GrowOya website.

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