Getting Help With Your Newborn’s Sleep

One of the hardest parts of having a newborn is adjusting your world to make everything flow. Sounds simple but it isn’t. Each family is different and each baby is different. Which means reconfiguring things with each new addition. We are expecting our little girl in less then 2 months and I want to be prepared for the biggest adjustment… SLEEP. I feel more confidant in how to help us all sleep better after reading Essential Keys To Your Newborn’s Sleep by Nicole Johnson and Miriam Chickering.

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Newborn’s Sleep Days VS Nights

When you bring your baby home the first few months are rough for most families.  There are so many uncertainties, how much should my baby be sleeping, should my newborn sleep in a crib and more. This book covers all of it! Kiernan had a really hard time sleeping at night instead of during the day. After reading Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep, I figured out a big DON’T that had been doing! I was trying to keep him awake almost all day so he would sleep at night! It made sense to me back then, in my sleeplessness. Now I know I should have kept him awake few only a few minutes after each day time feeding, exposed him to sunlight during the day (not directly of course) and then kept his room dark at night, kept days busy (reading books after feedings, bathing etc.) and quite calm night feedings.  I wish someone had told me sooner!

Sweet little sleeping baby!
Sweet little sleeping baby!

Changing Sleep Patterns

While reading Essential Keys To Your Newborn’s Sleep, I learned a lot about how much a newborns sleep cycle changes over just the first few months. The first 1-2 months our little ones may sleep only 3-4 hours at night and by 8 weeks may sleep 5-6 hours. But most 8 week old babies will wake 1-3 times in a 10 hr night. These first few months are often the hardest and while your newborn isn’t ready for a set hourly schedule, with Nicole and Miriam guiding you and gently moving in the right direction you can get a full nights rest! Nicole offers great methods to help aid your child in falling asleep on their own! I am excited to get our little Scarlett on the right track from day one.

Kelton loves his sleep and even at 8 years old needs 10-12 hrs a night.
Kelton loves his sleep and even at 8 years old needs 10-12 hrs a night.

Essential Key’s to Your Newborn’s Sleep: Fixed Points

When Kelton was born, I just fed him when he acted hungry and put him to bed when he fell asleep. It never occurred to me that if we had fixed points throughout our day he may sleep better, for longer amounts of time more quickly. It’s easy to start by simply starting with a fixed wake up time and bedtime.  This book provides much more in depth on this subject and I think this will be great for me since I have a 2nd grader and toddler who are already on a set wake up/bedtime pattern.

baby sleep site

Getting More Help with Sleep

In addition to the book Essential Keys To Your Newborn’s Sleep, Nicole also has an amazing website were you can receive step by step help from a sleep coach to meet your specific needs. The Baby Sleep Site can help you all get a good nights sleep, EVEN if it’s your Toddler who is keeping you up! You can order the ebook directly from The Baby Sleep Site or below on


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