Must-Have Natural Hand Sanitizer that Doesn’t Hurt to Use

How are your hands looking? After 8 months of constant hand washing and stinging hand sanitizer, they are likely a little rough. Do your kids shy away from you when you squirt hand sanitizer on their hands because it hurts?  I’ve found a hand sanitizer made with natural (and effective) ingredients that has a phenomenal kill rate of germs while still be gentle on your skin! It’s called Elyptol and I take it with me everywhere!

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Say goodbye to chemical-pungent hand sanitizers that leave your hands dry and sore. Elyptol harnesses the healing properties of eucalyptus oil and naturally-sourced pure ethanol for a natural and Eco-friendly hand and surface sanitizer. This hand sanitizer is FDA listed and hospital grade. It is the first Eco certified and professionally registered hand sanitizer that kills germs on skin and surfaces. Just as important, you can use and reuse this product all day, every day and not suffer from it!

Like I said, I take it with me everywhere – around town, shopping, and even Cedar Point!

Elyptol hand sanitizers come in gel, spray, and wipe formats, so whatever your preference, they have you covered. I keep multiple bottles around my house, in my car, in my purse, and I attach it to my kids’ bookbags as well. Kids have learned that they need hand sanitizers too. My kids hate the kind that stings and won’t really use it the way you should – half is wiped off it stings! At least I know that now with Elyptol, they are fully using their hand sanitizers – even when mom isn’t watching!

Get familiar with the Australian brand taking the U.S. by storm and pick up a bottle or two from their website today.

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