Counting Fords at a Hampton Inn

We drove to Cape Cod and Plymouth, Massachusetts last month for our Summer vacation.  How beautiful!  We were able to tour around in a Ford Fusion Energi getting an unbelievable 41.3 miles per gallon over the course of the ENTIRE trip (city and highway).

On our way down, we stayed a sleeping-hours short stay in a Hampton Inn in loveable Scranton, Pennsylvania.  On our way out in the morning, before our final 5 hour trip (give or take bathroom breaks please) we decided to count through the cars in the parking lot and see what sort of sisterhood our Ford Fusion experienced overnight.

Honestly, for this stop, I was really surprised at how many Fords were in the parking lot.  Along with plenty of Ford Fusions, we found Edges, old Tauruses, Explorers, F-150s, Edges, Escapes, and Mustangs from states all across this half of the United States.  A big thank you to Ford for letting us wheel around in a Ford Fusion Energi!  Thanks to America’s best automaker!!fords collage

This is where we slept, not a big deal, but just in case you were wondering.

Center map


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