Fight Stinky, Stained Summer Clothes with BIZ Stain Fighter!

Biz Laundry Booster

Summer is a lot of fun as we spend a lot of time outside. That usually results in smelly, sweaty, stained clothing – this goes for both kids and adults. We just got back from vacation and I about suffocated when I opened the bags of dirty laundry.

Thankfully I have a product to fight the sweat and stains and it is available at my local Giant Eagle, Acme, and Walmart.  It’s BIZ, have you tried it?Biz Laundry Booster

I am a BIZ ambassador. I received compensation and product to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

One cap-full of BIZ Stain Fighter with every load of laundry and I know my clothes will come out clean, fresh smelling, and stain free. For really tough smells and stained clothing, I use BIZ as the full laundry detergent instead of just a booster.Biz cleans better than oxi

BIZ is available in a number of varieties including liquid, powder, laundry booster, and an on-the-go pen. No matter what your preference is, BIZ cleans clothing 80% better than detergent alone. Plus, it is PROVEN to beat OXI Clean on stains. I use to always use OXI CLEAN on tough stains but now I use BIZ because it fights better and is usually less expensive.Biz Laundry Booster

In m Before & After BIZ post, I showed you the power of BIZ liquid with before and after pictures of my daughter’s grass and dirt stained light pink pants.

I was amazed because I thought for sure the pants were ruined since grass and mud is hard to get off any clothing but especially light pink pants! I used BIZ as a pre-treater and let it sit for several hours before washing with regular detergent and BIZ as a booster. They came out looking new! That saved me money – I didn’t have to buy new pink pants!Biz cleans better than oxi

I’ve been using the BIZ liquid since April with great results. It is so easy to just add a cup-full to my laundry. I use to to pre-treat stains and as a laundry detergent substitute for really tough stains and smells – like when my son goes fishing! I haven’t used the powderor laundry booster pods yet but I’m excited to try. The pods would be especially easy to toss in the washing machine!

Biz cleans better than oxi

I plan to also purchase the BIZ On-the-go Pen to keep with me for those stains that happen while away from home. I should have brought one with us on vacation! I’ll let you know how it works when I do.

Biz cleans better than oxi

BIZ is really easy to use, whether you use the liquid, powder, booster, or on-the-go pen. You really should pick up a bottle or box on your next shopping trip to give it a try.

Biz cleans better than oxi

It works wonders on sweaty, stinky clothes as well as on stained clothing. You know that your family is going to get messy this summer  whether they are fishing, camping, hiking, playing in the back yard, or vacation – life gets messy. Save your clothing by using a product guaranteed to clean 80% better than detergent alone.

If you live in the Akron, Ohio area, you can find BIZ at your local Wal-mart, Marcs, Giant Eagle (pictured above), ACME, Discount Drug Mart, and Heinen’s Supermarket.

Download a $1 off BIZ coupon here!

Find a local retailer near you that sells BIZ or purchase on

I am a BIZ Ambassador for 2017. I’ll be sharing with you all of BIZ products and how I use them in my home this year!

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