Is Your Smoke Detector Up to Code with Dual-Sensors?

first-alert 10 year dual sensor alarm

Technology continues to change and improve in every industry, including smoke alarmss. If you built your home before 2016, you may not be up to the State of Ohio’s mandates. New building codes and legislation in Ohio and across the country is mandating dual-sensor alarms in new homes. That means if you have an older home, it probably is an older style and not protecting your family like it should!

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Why you should switch to First Alert 10 Year Battery Dual Sensor Alarm for your home. Your home needs a dual sensor alarm. What is that? It is a smoke alarm that detects smoke from both smoldering and flaming fires.  You need both!  Plus, this amazing dual sensor alarm comes with a 10 year lithium-ion battery that means you don’t have to change the battery for the lifetime of the alarm! Just because you don’t have to change the battery doesn’t mean you don’t have to test the alarm – you should weekly.

I trust First Alert brand for my smoke alarms – in fact, it is the most trusted and recognized safety brand in America.  Your family’s safety is one thing you cannot afford to mess with!  I replaced my broken smoke alarm with this Dual Sensor Alarm in my upstairs hallway, located outside my son’s bedroom. (BTW, how old are your smoke alarms? They don’t last forever!) Now is a good time to get up to code – new regulations mandate that there is at least one smoke alarm on each floor of dwelling that senses both photoelectric and ionization (smoldering and flaming fires)!

Do you have enough alarms in your home? Likely not. You should have a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, on every level of the home, in living room (or family room), on stairway leading to upstairs, and on all levels.

Although you shouldn’t put a smoke alarm in your garage because of the constant heat changes. You should put one in rooms located next to the garage like we did in our utility mud room located right outside our garage.

The new technology in the First Alert Dual Sensor Alarm also helps eliminate those false alarms that happen when you burn your toast in the kitchen!  The intelligent sensing reduces common cooking smoke and bathroom steam that sets old models off – annoyingly so!

Your family’s safety is of upmost importance. Be sure you have the latest in technology with the dual sensor alarm to detect both types of smoke in your home. Don’t forget to install Carbon Monoxide Detectors too!

You can purchase the on the First Alert website, Lowe’s, and Amazon for $32-49.

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