Fall Into the Perfect Lawn

trugreen fall lawn care

Fall is here! The leaves are still green but starting to transform into magnificent shades of gold, orange, and red. One of my favorite parts Fall is watching my kids jump into giant piles of leaves. One of my least favorite parts of Fall is raking leaves…and it is only starting!

trugreen fall lawn care

Even worse is raking pine needles!  At least it is a work-out, burning 400 calories an hour!


The fact remains, you have to rake the leaves and even pine needs if you want a healthy lawn. Excess leaf matter and pine needles on your lawn will smother it and inhibit growth in the spring. Plus, if you don’t rake your leaves, it can encourage mold disease and pests like voles, mice, and moles! Yikes – better get outside now!

Fall Into the Perfect Lawn

Fall is the ultimate time to take steps toward the perfect lawn next Spring while preparing it for the unpredictability of winter weather.  Some of which are obvious like raking leaves but there are other essential steps to take this fall for a healthy, lush lawn in the spring like mine.

DIY Lawn Care vs Professionals at TruGreen

Fertilizing, core aerating, pest control and tree and shrub protection are all steps that need to be taken this Fall for a lush lawn next year. Leave these to the experts the TruGreen experts who know how to do it correctly. Just look at the difference between my yard and my neighbor’s yard!

picture of Trugreen Treated Yard

I’ve trusted TruGreen for our lawn care for years and couldn’t be happier with our lawn. Our lawn is lush, green, thick, healthy, and inviting for kids to play on and adults to enjoy.

Fertilization – A slow-release formula is applied at key points in every season to stimulate and maintain growth throughout the year. Your TruGreen expert will treat your entire yard specific to your lawn’s needs – this takes only minutes but the results are amazing. We usually have our lawn fertilized 3-5 times a year.


Core Aerating -If there is just one thing you do for your lawn this Fall, I suggest core lawn aeration – It removes plugs to relieve compact soil and increase the flow of air, water and nutrients deeper into the roots. The results won’t be seen until the Spring and Summer but you’ll be amazed at how it helps thicken your lawn.

Pest control – Fight a variety of troublesome lawn damaging insects like ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas and ticks year-round. Not only can you treat your lawn but you can have your home’s exterior sprayed to keep insects from fleeing indoors when the weather turns cold! Say goodbye to stink buys!

Prevent Insects from Entering Your Home with TruGreen

Preemergent and targeted weed control – Helps manage the spread of various weeds as they pop up throughout the year.


Read more tips on how you can prepare your lawn this Fall for a healthier lawn in the Spring here.

For more information on TruGreen or to schedule an appointment for your home, check out the TruGreen website or TruGreen on Facebook.

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