How residential gates are different from the commercial ones?

All gates generally have a similar function of maintaining privacy and security. Gates are such a common part of our everyday life that we usually do not pay any attention to them unless something goes wrong. The differences between various types of gates are not considered by most of us. However, gates do differ from each other based on their uses and specifications. Let us look into the differences between two major types of gates, residential and commercial.

The following are some key differences that can help you decide the right kind of gate based on your needs.

  • Residential gates

These are the kind of gates we interact with on a day to day basis. They serves as an initial security barrier and confines the property. They also serve as kind of a noise barrier. In case of an emergency, these gates can play a great safety role. For example, in case of a fire or smoke, they can limit or slow down the spread to a considerable extent.

Residential gates are usually designed keeping aesthetics in mind in order to give a nice, homely look.

  • Commercial gates

Commercial gates, sometimes also referred to as industrial gates, are totally different than residential gates.  The usage of commercial gates is the key factor that separates them from residential gates. Generally, they are more sturdy as they are used far more often than residential gates. Commercial gates also have greater mobility because they are connected to loading areas and serve as entry and exit points for heavy equipment and vehicles.

Commercial gates are thicker and have higher insulation. This also ensures greater security and energy efficiency. Aesthetically, commercial doors are not that well designed.

Key differences between residential and commercial gates

  1. Appearance

The most prominent difference between residential and commercial doors is that of their appearances. Residential gates are more focused on looks and designs as homeowners usually go for a design that are aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, commercial gates have limited design and are more focused on function. Residential gates play an important role in setting the whole vibe of the house and resale value for the future. To improve or complete the design of residential gates, the style and colors are carefully selected. Most of the times, the design of residential gates includes carvings and embellishments. Commercial gates are simpler and plain. They are usually white in color and have a flat design.

  1. Height and Width

Another obvious difference between residential and commercial gates is that commercial gates tend to be greater in height and width. Although it largely depends on the area covered by the house, residential gates are usually of a standard height and width. If something happens to the gate, residential gate repair is required. However the repair cost is less in comparison to the amount you spend for repairing the commercial gates. Talking about the size, commercial gates have no standard size. The size of a commercial gate will depend on its application and whether or not it provides a passage for machines. Commercial gates that provide a passage for machinery are extremely large in size. These large sized gates are not operated manually.

  1. Material

Residential gates are available in steel, wood and other materials that home owners can choose from. The deciding factor for residential gate material depends on the person’s own preference and budget. Wooden gates offer a more stylish look, but steel gates are more sturdy and low maintenance. In comparison, commercial gates are made of high-quality, sturdy steel. This makes the commercial gates more durable, long-lived and secured.

  1. Hardware

Commercial gates have more hardware involved. They also have more accessories to support their functions and usage.

  1. Operation

Residential gates are manually operated. However, commercial gates because of their big size and heavy nature cannot be operated manually. They are operated by means of a computerized or automated system. For example, in case of commercial gates made of steel, there are either sectional steel gates or rolling steel gates. These sectional or rolling gates are provided with additional devices to make them more dependable and utilize their full efficiency.

  1. Mobility

Residential gates are designed keeping in mind that they will only be used a couple of times each day. Commercial gates are designed to be opened and closed more frequently. This implies that residential gates have limited capacity and mobility. Commercial gates are quick in moving and overall more efficient.

  1. Value

Another key difference between residential and commercial gates is their cost or value of the installation. As obvious, commercial gates cost more to install and maintain as they are to maintain high-level security. The price feature of commercial gates also minimizes their use for residential purposes.

These features of residential and commercial gates clearly show their difference in usage and functions. After reading this article, you should be better able to decide which kind of gate suits your needs.

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