Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature

Interior Design Inspiration: Color in Nature 2018

Is your house not feeling like a home? Having a great home that you’re proud of is a great way to unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, we don’t all have our own HGTV designers to spruce up our homes with the latest trends and designs! Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to make your space feel warm and welcoming.

One of the best and easiest ways to transform your home into a place you’re proud of is to incorporate colors from nature. How can you bring your favorite parts of the outdoors inside your home? Keep reading for a guide to color in nature inspiration!

Poppy Florals

When new home designers try to bring the great outdoors into their home, they automatically think of shades of green and indoor plants. There are actually a lot of fun, colorful ways to bring the colors of nature to your home. While you might only think of green and blue when you think of the outdoors, you can actually incorporate florals in a number of ways. Think about different prints and wallpapers that bring in flowery and botanical designs inspired by the great outdoors. Whether you choose one of these exclusive offers on Backdrops or a modern wallpaper, these small touches add both a layer of color and a layer of vibrant nature.

If you don’t want to take up the entire wall, you could choose to display some coastal wall art prints. One of the best ways to highlight a wall without making major alterations is by using wall art décor. Being available in a range of shapes, colors, and patterns will allow you to quickly change the artwork, which may alter the mood of the interior entirely.

Leafy Greens

You can’t go wrong with green. While there is such thing as too much green, incorporating small touches of your favorite shades of green is an easy way to make your home cozier. Look for leafy green prints, block patterns, and even unexpected shades of green. You can go as dark or as light as you like when you choose leafy shades. Be dynamic with your color selection and make a statement.

Wooden Furniture

Creating an interior inspired by nature is about more than choosing natural colors. Wooden furniture feels homey and sturdy while bringing to mind lush forests. Go for a lighter stain of wood for a beachy vibe or a dark stain for a classic approach. Wooden furniture comes in a variety of styles and designs so find something that speaks to you. Add a modern touch by adding metallic handles and the right accessories.

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Found Objects

Incorporating found object designs into modern spaces add a layer of professional design to any space. You don’t have to be a trained interior designer to master the art of found objects, just learn what to look for. Things like floral furniture, driftwood frames, and unique touches can add just the right touch of nature to your modern home.

Wildlife and Whimsy

The great outdoors isn’t limited to flower prints and leafy greens. Bring in nature with wildlife touches and whimsical finds. Animal prints, sculptures, and bird designs go a long way in showing off your personal style. Don’t take your design too seriously! Be free to have fun with it and see where your design takes you. Lighthearted elements are very on trend in 2018, so don’t be afraid to choose pieces that inspire you.

Color in Nature

Create a home that brings in all the stunning touches of nature. Bring the best parts of the outdoors inside with these natural inspirations above. What in nature inspires you? Your home is yours to design, so make sure it reflects your favorite things!

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