Plant Based Laundry Powder that Cleans Naturally!

We are all trying to make healthier choices for our families. As we try to get away form chemicals, some ‘natural’ products work better than others. I want to choice healthy items but I also want a clean house, clothes, etc. I’ve found a really amazing plant based laundry powder that cleans my family’s clothing naturally at an affordable price.
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KBK Organics Laundry Powder Review

Made with 100% natural ingredients, KBK Organics not only works as good as their chemical-laden traditional detergent competitors but even better. They keep colors brighter, clothes softer, and fabric structure in tact for longer because they only use natural, plant-based ingredients.  I am sensitive to smell and can hardly walk down the detergent aisle at the store, let alone use the product on our clothing. I like that KBK Organics offers unscented as well as lightly aromatherapy scents of honeysuckle, lemon, and lavender.  No matter which one you use, your clothes will smell clean, the scents don’t linger after they are washed and dried.

I especially like using the lavender detergent for our bedding – just another way to naturally fall asleep faster – I’m trying it on my kids’ sheets to hopefully help them settle down quicker with the power of lavender.  I’m using lemon for all my towels and wash clothes because it seems to fit the them. I’m using honeysuckle for clothing. Since the scents don’t linger, I’m not sure how much the power of the aromatherapy continues.

Beyond scent, I’ve noticed my clothes are very clean, without any lingering odor (from sweaty teenagers and hubby).  My clothes feel soft and clean. You don’t even have to use fabric softener anymore! Save money with this 2-in-1 product. Since it is a plant-based product, the naturally occurring glycerin stays intact, working as a softener for your clothing.

One added bonus using KBK Organics is that if you use a HE washer, it will benefit from the non-lathering bubbles. Recently, I had a washing machine issue that required two service calls. It turns out that my washer was over sudsing from my laundry detergent and/or liquid fabric softener combination. I was not happy with that at all. Now, I’ll be more cautious of what I use on my washing machine! For normal washing machines, you use 1 packet of detergent, if you have a HE washer, just use half.

If you have a septic system like me, you’ll also appreciate that his is septic-safe too.

Not only is KBK Organics a good choice for chemical-free cleaning of your clothing. Nice! If you would like to try KBK Organics, you can order a sample for just $1. Or, order a month’s supply (or more) of 75 loads (traditional washer) or 150 loads (HE Washers) for just $26! This is a great deal at only $.34 per load – which is less expensive than most traditional laundry detergent and fabric softener. It’s really a no-brainer. A portion of profits is donated to animal shelters.



aroma: Lemon, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Unscented


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