Small Changes for a Healthier Home: The Power of Copper

Copper-Clothing- Copper-Infused Towels review

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for products that help make my family and home a little healthier. Making smarter choices are necessarily harder, but it does require you to be a little more proactive. It’s not just about organic foods or eco-friendly cleaning products but also about the other everyday items that surround us. The little changes we make every day really do add up and can make a significant impact on our health.

One such change I’ve embraced recently involves the power of copper. Yes, copper – the same metal you might associate with pots and coins! I’ve been aware of copper’s touted benefits for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I genuinely understood the incredible advantages it offers, especially when infused in everyday products like towels we use every day.

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Did you know that cCopper is a natural antimicrobial metal? Yes, it is. Copper has a unique ability to eliminate a vast majority of bacteria it comes into contact with – naturally! When integrated into fabric, like in the products offered by Copper Clothing, it can actively reduce the chances of bacterial and fungal growth. This means your towels stay fresher for longer and reduce the risk of transmitting common pathogens.

Revamping the Home with Copper-Infused Products: I’ve started with towels because let’s face it – they are an indispensable part of our daily routines, from drying hands in the kitchen to wrapping up after a shower. The idea of having self-cleaning, super absorbent, and fresh-scented towels all the time seemed too good to pass up!

🌊 Bathroom and Gym Towels: The anti-microbial bath and gym towel is plush, ensuring comfort after every wash or workout. I love these towels in my home but I’m sending my son a pair for college too, because let’s face it, laundry might not get done as often as at home (although he’s doing a really good job on his own!). Another thing I love about these copper-infused towels are the anti-aging benefits of copper! It’s a must-needed bonus as our skin ages!

🍃 Kitchen Towels: These copper-infused towels promise not only high absorbency and durability but also anti-microbial properties. Knowing that the towel I dry my hands with is free of harmful bacteria gives me peace of mind. This is essential in the kitchen.

Re-evaluating my choices and incorporating copper-infused products has been a small but impactful change in our household. I encourage everyone to explore the myriad of ways to make our homes healthier and more sustainable with the Copper Clothing brand. They also have copper gloves and even masks for the upcoming col and flu season.

As we all continue to evolve in our quest for healthier living, remember that sometimes, the smallest adjustments lead to meaningful transformations.

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