Natural Pest Proofing Tips for Each Room in Your House

Earth Kind natural Bug Repellent

Now that the weather is warm, it is time to inspect your home for signs of an infestation to keep your home pest free throughout the year.

Take these tips to get rid of pests the natural way from Kari Warberg Block, a pest prevention expert and founder of EarthKind® and Stay Away® natural pest prevention products. I received product to facilitate this post.

Foyer and Door – Ants Main Entrance

Ants can get in anywhere, especially in your foyer or door entries. Make sure dirt, clutter, and crumbs don’t accumulate, vacuum area often, including washing window treatments if you keep your windows open.

 natural ant repellent

Stop an ant infestation by placing a non-toxic Stay Away Ants repellent pouch near your entrances.Earth Kind natural ant Repellent

Garage – The Rodent and Pests Favorite Entrance

Your garage is an easy entrance into your home. Pest proof with these tips:

  • Use hard plastic totes with lids for storage instead of cardboard boxes. Rats and mice enjoy chewing on cardboard. Cockroaches feast on adhesive glue in boxes.
  • Use the natural pest repellent Stay Away pouches to prevent infestation before it begins. Stay Away repels rodents, ants, spiders, moths, and beetles naturallynatural rodent repellent

Bedroom – Spiders Haven

  • Remove spider webs and dust from walls and ceilings to send creepy crawlers packing
  • Prevent spiders from spinning new webs by Spraying a vinegar mixture on the walls. (1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 TBSP liquid dish soap, & 20 drops of thyme oil)
  • Keep Stay Away Spiders in your bedroom to keep spiders out for good.

Basement – The mouse-prone place

Mice and rats like moisture, repair leaky pipes or dripping appliances to keep the moisture and musty smell away that attracts rodents and bugs. A dehumidifier helps too.

Kitchen – 50% of rodents live here

Yuck! Just because you don’t see the rodents doesn’t mean they aren’t in your kitchen. 21 million homes have rodents in their kitchen, once you notice, it’s too late.

  • Prevent rodent infestation in your kitchen by keeping your kitchen clean with soap, vinegar, and lemons.
  • Place a Stay Away Rodent repellent pouch in your kitchen to prevent pests from even trying to get into your kitchen.

Pantry – Moth’s paradise

It only takes 1 female pantry moth or Indian meal moth who lays 300 eggs at a time to cause a moth infestation.

natural moth repellent

  • Clean your pantry thoroughly, checking all packages inside and out for small holes, cocoon webbing and off-white moth larvae
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Place a non-toxic Stay Away Moths pouch in your pantry to prevent moths that may tag along on packages from the grocery store from reproducing.
  • Moths like dark closets too. Clean items affects by moths and keep Sty Away Moths in your closets.

Stay Away Natural Pest Repellents

Use the Stay Away natural, toxic-free pouches to keep your home pest and rodent-free.  Use the pouches alone or in a pouch pod to easily hang anywhere. Plus, it extends the life of the repellent by 3X. Earth Kind natural Bug Repellent

I like the pouch pods because I can easily hang the repellents exactly where I want without looking like a repellent. I’ve found the repellents to smell very natural and clean – not like a chemical pest repellent that is smelly and unsafe around my children and pets.Earth Kind natural Bug Repellent I hope these tips help you keep your home pest and rodent free. Be sure to check out all of Stay Away products as well as more tips on how to naturally keep your home pest-free on the Earth Kind Stay Away website.

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