What is on Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List?

With the first day of Spring just days away I have been making a list of all the things that I would like to get done inside and outside so that I can mark them off my “Spring Cleaning TO-DO List”. Oh Spring, I am so ready for you to arrive.  I have loved having your BIG brother Winter around but I think everyone here in Northeast Ohio is anxiously awaiting for your arrival and will greet you with open arms!!

My Spring Cleaning To Do List

Here are just a few things on my list that maybe you all have on yours too…

  • wash windows inside/outside
  • repaint our front/back doors
  • steam clean carpet/rugs
  • vacuum/steam clean all bedroom mattresses
  • dust off ceiling fans in bedrooms-make sure they are working properly
  • check batteries in all fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors in home
  • go through toys-sanitize germs that have been looming around (yuck)
  • organize all closets-coat closet, hall closet, bedroom closets  (purge purge purge)
  • pick up branches/debris in our yard from snow/wind/rain storms
  • get patio set cleaned up
  • tidy up the garage-put away snow blower and get the lawn mower ready to roar!
  • get the outside toys/bikes ready to go!

What do you have on your Spring cleaning list?

You may not have written them down but I know being the super mom (dads too) that you are, you have some ideas of what you would like to have done that have been swirling around in that head of yours…do share!  There are also lots of resources online for those who would like help in making your lists like Martha Stewart, Organized Home, and Woman’s Day.

Get kids involved in Spring Cleaning

Another aspect of lists for me are thinking of ways to incorporate the kiddos help…Now I know that J-Girl (my 1 year old) will not be able to do a lot with our tasks at hand but even having her make a pile of small sticks outside is laying the groundwork for teaching her to be clean and orderly. T-boy who is 8 will definitely help out with some things on our lists and yes, we will give him a small allowance for his hard work.  🙂

We try to make house work/yard work a fun challenge for the kiddos which in turn can help our attitudes as well.   What ways can your children help get your home ready for the warmer months ahead?

Why I like lists so much

I am a BIG fan of lists (just ask my husband).  If it can be put on a list and I have a pen and paper near me, you best believe it will be written down and stuck on our cork board in our kitchen, placed on my office desk or even taped to my planner pronto.

I have always been this way and my lovely mom would probably say she is to blame for me being the crazy list maker that I am since she herself is a list maker too.  I can recall my mom writing down lists of our chores, menu planning, grocery, packing, party lists etc. while growing up. I knew that if it needed to be done then my mom would write it down.   Thanks Mom!

I think I love lists because once they are written down and stuck somewhere I can refer to them often I feel control of the things in my life but challenged as well.  Yes, I do love a good challenge. 🙂    Since our home is a bit older and we have been doing LOTS of home improvements the past few years there are lots of little things to finish around our home on my Spring cleaning list.

Well I am off to make my next list…


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3 thoughts on “What is on Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List?

  1. Jo says:

    Tracy-I am so glad to know that I am not alone with my love for making lists! 🙂 My family teases me about making lists but I love it. I am glad that I could inspire you to make your Spring cleaning to-do list as well. Good Luck!

  2. Tracy says:

    I love lists too! This post just inspired me to go make my spring cleaning list…although I may just copy and paste yours! That was a good spring cleaning plan:)

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