Honor Fallen Stow, Ohio Soldier this Saturday

A fellow mom has requested that we gather with our friends and family to honor a fallen Stow, Ohio soldier this weekend, her friend, Second Lt. David Rylander.

Second Lt. David Rylander

Second Lt. David Rylander, 23, this Saturday. Rylander was was killed in Afghanistan on May 2nd.

You and your family can honor this fallen soldier by lining the street of the funeral procession. After the 11am service, they will drive down Chapel Way to Market Street and proceed west on Market Street to Rand Avenue where the procession will turn left onto the inner belt then enter the freeway taking 76 West to Route 57 where the procession will turn left and proceed to the cemetery in Rittman, Ohio.

The City of Stow has the street lined with flags, will you line the streets in respect too? This is a good opportunity to show your respect and support of the fallen soldier’s family. It is a real life lesson for our children about loving others and being thankful for our military.

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