How Dirty Is The Air In Your Home, and How Can You Clean It?

Studies show that the air inside our homes is 2-5 times MORE contaminated than the air we breath outside our homes!  Yikes!  Dust, pet dander, other allergens, viruses, and bacteria all add up to polluted air inside our homes.  The question is, how can we clean the air in our homes beyond just the air filter in our furnaces?  The answer?  The Airfree P2000 air purifier.  It removes the allergens, molds, and other organic pollutants in the air, and it does so completely silently, and using less electricity than a 50 watt light bulb!

Airfree 2000 Air Purifier
Airfree P2000 Air Purifier

How Does the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier Work?

Unlike other air purifiers that use fans or filters to clean the air, the Airfree P2000 uses a patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System to clean the air of viruses,  molds, and allergens.  In simple terms, the Airfree P2000 uses high heat to sterilize the air.  Dirty air goes in to the machine, clean air comes out, and all this is done completely silently!  Having seen (and heard) other purifiers/ionizers in friends’ homes, I was extremely skeptical that the unit would be “whisper silent,” but it truly is.   If it weren’t for the very slight warmth of the unit and the calming blue light (which can be turned off), you wouldn’t even know it was on and cleaning away.

The Airfree’s Thermodynamic Sterilizing System also means that no moving parts are necessary, nor is any cleaning or maintenance of the inner workings of the unit.  You simply plug in the unit, let it do its thing, and reap the benefits of cleaner air.

How the Airfree 2000 Works
How the Airfree 2000 Works

Our Experience with The Airfree P2000 Air Purifier

First off, installation was a cinch!  The unit came ready to use, and all we had to do was plug the Airfree P2000 into an electrical outlet.  My husband suffers from dust mite and dust allergies, so we decided to place the Airfree P2000 in our master bedroom.  Within days, my husband was saying his allergies were bothering him less.  I thought I was noticing less “sleeping dog smell” in our room as well – our chocolate lab sleeps in her dog bed in the corner of our bedroom.  I was still skeptical, though.  I thought maybe these changes were wishful thinking in our heads.

Testing the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier

My contact at Airfree suggested that we conduct our own at-home “scientific” test of the efficiency of the Airfree P2000.  Here’s what we did:

  1. After 20 days of having the Airfree P2000 unit in our bedroom (to ensure maximum efficiency), we placed a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice in our room.  We kept the door closed as much as possible.
  2. We placed an identical glass of orange juice in our spare bedroom, a room about 1/2 the size of our master bedroom.  We kept this door closed as well.
  3. We were told to monitor the appearance of the orange juice in each room over the next week.

Day One Photos of the Juice

Airfree 2000 Air Purifier Test - Day 1
Identical glasses of fresh orange juice – one for each test room

Our Test Results

  • Each day, I took a peek at both samples.
  • By day 3, the orange juice in the spare bedroom (without the Airfree P2000 purifier) was appearing frothy, and started to smell.  The orange juice in our master bedroom, being treated with the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier, showed no changes.
  • By day 5, I had to throw out the orange juice in our spare bedroom – it had fermented, and was making the whole bedroom smell terrible!
  • There was still no change in the appearance or smell of the orange juice in our master bedroom with the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier.

Day Five Photos of the Juice

Airfree 2000 Air Purifier Test - Day 5
Left: Fermented, “chunky” orange juice from spare bedroom
Right: Still fresh orange juice from room with Airfree P2000 Air Purifier!

Bottom line?  Between the comfort we are feeling in our bedroom with regards to allergens, and the results of our orange juice test, we’re sold!  Judging from the positive reviews on their website, I’d say lots of other folks are as well.

Buy the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier

You can purchase the Airfree P2000 Air Purifier from online retailers like

Airfree Air Purifiers Website

Airfree on Facebook

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Airfree who provided the product for review.

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