How Grooming Changed My Dog’s Life

picture of Arnold the Dog Groomed by Wash Wag

Our 11 year old dog, Arnold is a big, fluffy hair ball. OK, he is more than that. (I don’t want to get Jo after me!) Arnold is a good dog still full of energy like a puppy. He chases anything that moves, which could be dangerous living in the woods but he doesn’t care. He’s a good watch dog, I know he would protect my kids no matter what.  As much as I’m glad we have a dog, in the past months, I’ve started to really just despise the amount of clean up I have to do because of his shedding hair. He doesn’t just shed in the Spring, it’s a year round battle. I really have to vacuum daily to keep it under control. OK, enough of my whining.

With the summer heat and even more shedding, I decided to look into getting Arnold groomed and his fur shaved. I wasn’t sure if he was the right kind of dog for this or if he would do well. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? We took him to Wash Wag last Summer to try out their self serve dog washing station and really liked it. Arnold did really well, wasn’t nervous at all. So, I thought I’d try it with the full service wash and shave. I wasn’t sure how he would do, he did fantastic.

Here is Arnold before:

picture of Arnold the Dog
Arnold the Dog

This is Arnold After:

picture of Arnold the Dog Groomed by Wash Wag
Arnold the Dog Groomed by Wash Wag
picture of Arnold the Dog's Summer Hair Cut
Arnold the Dog's Summer Hair Cut

How Grooming Changed My Dog’s Life

It sounds silly, but it really did change Arnold’s life. He is getting a lot more attention from all of us. He feels soft, like a puppy. My kids are playing with him more. I have even found that I am giving him more treats and pets too. Are we totally superficial or what?!

I am so relieved that I don’t have to clean up piles of dog hair daily now. It’s been such a blessing, worth every penny to get him groomed. Liz is a certified groomer at Wash Wag, as well as co-owner with her husband. She was so gentle and took the time needed to give Arnold the best treatment and “summer hair cut”. I couldn’t be more pleased with her, Wash Wag, or the results.

My son has been suffering this season with seasonal allergies. Dog hair can also add to allergies. I feel like with his hair not all over the place, it’s gotta help with that as well.

Arnold likes his new summer hair cut too. I’m sure of it. He is panting a lot less than when he was covered in 10 lbs of fur! Plus, he is easier to clean after he runs through the mud and woods!

If you live near Akron, give Wash Wag a shot this season. A good grooming may change your dog’s life too. 🙂

Wash Wag
1562 Akron Peninsula Road, Suite 116
Akron, OH 44313

Wash Wag website

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