How to Buy Best Exotic Fashion Boots: Ultimate Guide for Classy Men

We all have men in our lives – our spouses, teen boys, and even our dads! Since human beings decided it was not okay for the leg to be too exposed, boots have become an integral part of men’s fashion. MAt the start of their invention, they were specially designed for work (such as in the military), but today, they adorn the feet of classy men.  Now they can be both work boots and fashion boots at the same time but often my men have boots designed for one or the other! Either way, men of all ages can be classy in a good-looking pair of boots – don’t you agree?


Aside from the difference in European and UK sizes, it is important to understand the shape of your leg. If you feel your shoe size has changed, measure it before beginning the hunt for an exotic boot.

For men with narrow feet, try different sizes close to your actual size to get the best fit. Boots’ width usually increases with size. A smaller size may fit better than your actual size in this case.

While men with wide feet might need to go for a size bigger than their normal size. This is not a thumb rule, the best boot for you is the one your heels and toes feel comfortable in.


Stylish boots for men are designed for different purposes, even though some might be a good fit for more than one purpose. Generally, they transition between corporate/smart and casual. For casual wear, you can consider a desert or lace-up boot. There are also special boots for special purposes like hiking. This however is not true for some boots. Cowboy crocodile boots are perfect for both casual and corporate appearances depending on the occasion. They are best worn when you want a country-like look.

While choosing for your purpose, always consider your wardrobe color. If you are confused about deciding on the best color, play safe by choosing either black or dark brown.


Stylish boots for classic men are expected to be made of high-quality leather for men. Always go for the highest grade leather your budget can afford.

Types of leather

  • Full-grain: It is the best and highest quality leather. They are thick and last for a long time. During processing, the hair is removed from the hide and immediately goes into the tanning process.
  • Top-grain: It is considered the second-highest quality leather. It is mostly used when a pristine look is intended. The name is because the very top layer of a hide is sanded, buffed or shaved off.
  • Genuine: This leather is of low quality when compared with full-grain and top-grain. An artificial grain is usually attached to its surface. It has an inferior look too.
  • Bonded: It is a mixture of leather scraps and synthetic materials such as fibers.


Although men’s boots are a good fit for different seasons, such as autumn and winter, however, some designs look great for each season.

Whether you are picking for autumn, winter, summer or spring, below are some tips:

  • Waterproof: Boots with high waterproof ability are great for autumn and spring, while you may bother less during winter and summer.
  • Inner lining: Designers of men’s boots have varying lining styles. Boots with heavy linings provide warmth.
  • Sole grip: Choose boots with good grip to avoid falling on ice or wet floors.


The material the sole of the boot is made of is also very important. Remember it is the point of contact between the boot and the floor. Most manufacturers use either leather or synthetic materials (such as rubber) to make their boot soles. Both of these kinds of soles have their pros and cons.

Leather sole


  • Comes in a variety
  • Elegant in appearance
  • Can be easily resole
  • Lasts long


  • Can be slippery
  • Less durable compared to rubber
  • Does not withstand water like rubber

Synthetic materials (such as rubber)


  • Offers a wide range of qualities
  • Lightweight
  • Cheaper to produce and purchase
  • Washable without fear of damage


  • It may not last long like leather
  • It may appear cheap

How to clean your boots

Below are quick tricks to clean your boots without damaging them:

  • Remove the laces from the boot, if it has one. Wash the laces in a washing machine or by hand depending on which is more convenient or possible. For others with zipping such as cowboy boots, unzip it.
  • Clean the inside with a damp cloth and shampoo. This is to get rid of the after-worn smell.
  • For light cleaning, use a damp cloth (not too wet) to clean any dust on the boot. Then clean the sole and upper area of the boot leather with a brush.
  • For deeper cleaning, mix water and leather cleaning product. Dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and then use it to wipe the surface of the leather.
  • When done to satisfaction, rinse the cloth to get rid of the soap or leather cleaning product.
  • Dip the cloth in water again. Wring it out and wipe the surface of the leather with it to get rid of soap traces.
  • Allow the boot to dry in the open air.


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