How to Get Kids to Wash Hands for 20 Seconds: Itzazu Kidz Color Changing Soap Review

picture of Itzazu Color Changing Hand Soap

It’s cold and flu season. The Center for Disease Congrol (CDC) recommends 20 second hand washing for less germs and less sick days. Are you doing it? The big question is whether your kids are washing their hands for 20 seconds! Not likely. I’ve found a very cool product that will have kids playing washing their hands for 20 seconds or more!

How to get kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds

Singing ABCs and Happy Birthday are a couple ways to time 20 seconds for hand washing. That gets old very quick for kids. Having a fun hand washing system that is interactive for kids is something that will get your kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds or more! This system is called Itzazu Kidz. In one bottle, your kids will be hooked – and you might too!

picture of Itzazu Kidz Color Changing Hand Soap and Sanitizer
Itzazu Kidz Color Changing Hand Soap and Sanitizer

Itzazu Kidz Color Changing Hand Soap Review

Itzaz Kidz is hand washing soap that engages kids in thoroughly washing their hands with Chasing Beads. We were able to review several of their scents and my kids are hooked! Basically, each bottle of hand washing soap is 1 color with beads of another color. When you wash your hands thoroughly, the beads will burst, changing the color of your soap. Yellow soap plus blue chasing beads equals green soap AND Clean Hands!

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How do Chasing Beads work?

The “Chasing Beads” create an interactive system for kidz, chasing them on the fronts, and backs of hands. Once all beads have been caught and popped, hands are clean. This takes about 20 seconds.

My kids have been having fun washing their hands in our new bathroom, the Elkay Vessel Sink is just too much fun. Add that to the fancy new faucet and fun new soap, and it’s hard to get them out of the bathroom! My son had no problem getting the beads popped, he’s 6. My 4 year old daughter had some difficulty and frustration in trying to get them to pop, but had some success later on.  Either way, it has encouraged my kids to wash their hands for 20 seconds. THAT is the most important thing to me about Itzazu Kidz products, it is teaching life-long good personal hygiene.

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Itzazu Kidz soap is a non-toxic surfactant system with low irritation. Itzazu designed the entire products around kids. Not only are the colors of the soap fun but the bottles are made for small hands. Itzazu Kidz soap dispensers are made so that the pumps are 25% easier for kids to use.

Just because it is safe for kids doesn’t mean it isn’t tough on germs. Itzazu Kidz Hand Washing Soap kills 99.9% of five bacteria upon contact: escherichia coli, pseudomonus aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, and aspergillus niger. The best way to prevent your kids from getting sick or getting others sick is through good hand washing, with good soap.

Itzazu Kidz Color Changing Hand Washing Soaps and Hand Sanitizers

Choose from the following fun kids hand soaps:

  • Kangaroo: Soap is clear with blue beads. “When lather turns blue, your washing is through.”
  • Purple Rhino: Soap is pink with blue beads. “When suds turn plum, your washing is done.”
  • Green Gorilla: Soap is Yellow with blue beads. “When suds turn green, your hands are clean.”
  • Swamp Slime: Soap is Orange with blue beads. “When suds turn gray, wash the germs away.”

Itzazu Kidz also offers 2 Hand Sanitizers: Purple Panda and Toucan Teal. Both are fun colors with snowflake shimmer to entice kids to use more often.

Buy Itzazu Kidz  Color Changing Hand Washing Soaps and Hand Sanitizers

You can buy the Itzazu Kidz products on the Itzazu website. Color Changing Hand Washing Soaps are $6 each and Hand Sanitizers are $3 each.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Itzazu Kidz who provided the products for review.

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