How to Prevent Cancer

I have had 2 grandpas and one grandma die of cancer. My dad has his first cancer scare earlier this year. As I get older, I fear that I will get cancer too. Like it is inevitable, just looming out there, waiting to strike me.  When I heard of the book, Never Fear Cancer Again, I knew I had to read it. I was already fearing cancer!

Never Fear Cancer Book Review

I devoured every page of Never Fear Cancer as if my life depended on it, as if I’d have a final exam at the end. Never Fear Cancer is written by Dr. Raymond Francis, M.Sc. There is a lot to digest and I will be reading and re-reading this book for some time. It is not a magic switch but there are things you can do to prevent cancer.

Dr. Francis believe that we can end the cancer epidemic. First, we must understand that cancer is a biological process that can be turned on and off.  The key to fighting cancer is to understand it. I learned the scary truth that cancer cells are always being produced in the body.  Our immune systems were designed to find those cells and destroy them. However, our junk-food diets, exposure to toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic fields, stress, lack of exercise, artificial light are impairing our immune systems’ ability to fight cancer. Dr. Francis alleges that if you are over 50 years old, you already have cancer. It is a matter of keeping it turned OFF.

What we know about cancer is enough for us to keep cancer at bay. Science has shown us what makes cancer grow and metastasize.  This book shows the reader how to make choices in your daily living to prevent cancer from growing and metastasizing.

How to Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer with Diet

You are what you eat – literally, your cells are made up of what you eat and drink. You could cut your risk of cancer by 50-75% by eating predominantly fruits and vegetables. Your diet needs the nutrients required, even a slight amount of malnutrition can have an effect on your immune system, making you susceptible to infections and cancer

Important Diet Changes to Prevent and Reverse Cancer

  • Avoid all processed foods
  • Avoid restaurant foods
  • Eat organically produced foods
  • Eat a primarily plant-based diet
  • Get on a high-quality supplement program
  • Avoid processed, supermarket fats and oils
  • Consume omega-6 and omega-3 oils
  • Add flaxseed and olive oils to your diet
  • Avoid sugar and wheat
  • Avoid all dairy
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee
  • Avoid food high in mold like peanuts, corn, dried fruits
  • Avoid barbecued and microwaved foods
  • Minimize animal protein
  • Juice fresh vegetables daily

Avoid Toxins to Prevent Cancer

We are overloaded with toxins. You need to stop putting them into your body, eat organic foods and safe personal care products. Don’t drink, shower, or swim in chlorinated water. Get on a high-quality supplement program with antioxidants. Find out more on

Exercise to Prevent Cancer

Many things trigger cancer, there are physical things you can do to prevent cancer.

  • Get 30 minutes of exercise daily
  • Proper breathing will help you relax, lower stress, and supply more oxygen
  • Get frequent sunlight or take vitamin D
  • Minimize your radiation exposure (x-rays, cellphones, airport scanners)
  • Get 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Avoid chronic, loud noise

Take Supplements to Prevent Cancer

Supplements enhance your immunity, supports cell-to-cell communications, and more to eliminate deficiency. The average American diet doesn’t supply the body with sufficient minerals and vitamins for optimal health. Malnutrition is the main cause of most disease, like cancer.

In the end, this book has shown me that cancer is not something to be feared as a lurking disease ready to strike me.  I have learned that it is often the outcome of poor choices we make. Although quite drastic from the American way of life, there are changes that can be made to prevent and even reverse cancer. Read the book to find out how!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Reliant PR who supplied the product for the review.

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