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I have had problem skin since I was a teen. Thankfully the acne is primarily gone by the age of 35 besides an occasional breakout. However, I am still using the same regime that I’ve been using since college. The result is dried out skin and no help with the signs of aging creeping up around my eyes and face. I was just introduced to Simone France Skin Care. Their entire philosophy is wrapped around how to wash your face.  I like Simone France’s quote below

“Most skin problems are self-created, therefore they can be self-corrected.” Simone France

Who knew that the state your skin is in is most likely due to how you are cleaning it. For me, I was over-drying my skin by using products that dry out my skin with too much salicylic acid to cleanse and moisturize. For you, maybe you are creating your too oily, too dry, or sensitive skin too.  Simone France provides you with a thorough Skin Care Analysis to determine why your skin is in its current state and what products you need for healthy, beautiful skin. The free Skin Care Analysis will be examine your cleansing and moisturizing practices to determine the cause for the state of your skin.

How to Wash Your Face

Simon France offers a healthier alternative to drying cleansers, that works in harmony with the natural processes of the skin. With their system, you exfoliate your skin without chemicals by gently removing dry, dead skin (and liquid cleanser film your skin has built up), it also deep cleans your pores. The result is smaller pores, improved tone & firmness and a bright, glowing complexion.

With the products I was using, my skin was responding by producing more oil because I was continually drying out my skin, which would lead to more breakouts, which meant I’d dry it out more with products!

Step 1: How to Wash Your Face in the Morning

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Simone France Morning Routine
  1. Apply Simone France Moisturizer (Yes, this is Step 1!)
  2. Apply Dots of Refining Scrub to chin, nose, forehead and cheeks. It gently removes dry surface that is built up and deep cleans pores. Skip this if you have eczema, rosacea, lot of acne, or very delicate skin. (I do this about every other day.)
  3. Later Simon France Soap, massage gently into mixture of moisturizer and scrub.
  4. Remove everything with Disposable Cleansing Cloth
  5. Rinse with warm and then cold water.
  6. Pat dry.
  7. Apply moisturizer.

 Step 2: How to Wash Your Face at Night

picture of How to Wash Your Face at Night
How to Wash Your Face at Night
  1. Massage Light or Rich Milk to dry skin.
  2. Remove with warm, wet Disposable Cleansing Cloth.
  3. Use Disposable Cleansing Clothto apply Refreshing Toner or Gentle Toner to face.
  4. Wipe face thoroughly
  5. Pat dry.
  6. Apply night cream, if needed.

My Simone France Skin Care Analysis

Simon France will work with you to create a simple skin care system that will work for your exact skin. And if it needs adjusted, they will do just that.  I have had “sensitive skin” all my life. I thought it was because I am a red-head.  Simone France sees it differently. They have discovered that having skin sensitivity is your skin’s way of saying it is not being treated properly. Often skin sensitivity is caused by improper cleaning and using overly harsh products.  I can attest that I have used brutal products from my teen years through my 30’s to fight acne. No wonder it is sensitive!

Honestly, I thought my skin care was fine. I used a acne fighting cleaner in the morning followed up with a acne fighting moisturizer. At night, I’d use an acne fighting pads to cleanse my face followed up with acne fighting moisturizer.  Hmmm. Sounds like I was being harsh to my “sensitive” skin, huh? That’s what Simone France thought too.

They promised to help me clear up breakouts and have a healthy, velvety, younger-looking complexion for a lifetime.  Here are the reasons that my skin is in the state it is in – over sensitive and dry.

  1. I was using a drying form of cleanser and not getting my skin optimally clean. 
    1. All liquid and rinse-off cleansers, even those with some good ingredients in them, are drying by their nature.  I was doing this morning and night. They all leave a thin film behind that builds up every day, further drying and irritating your skin.
    2. Liquid cleansers aren’t good at removing oil, impurities or make up.  You need some oil to dissolve daily deposits.
    3. It is very important that you wipe whatever product you use off with a soft, hygienic cloth.  (I wasn’t doing this at all with the pads I was using at night.)
    4. No cleanser of any type will get your skin as clean as a bar of soap. (I was always told to never use soap! This is a totally new way to clean your face!) With Simone France, you get the cleansing benefits of soap without the drying side effects of just using soap and water.
  2. I was using foundation and powder. 
    1. Foundation and powder actually contribute to the same problems they are made to cover up.  Your skin is never clean with these products on and over time pigment builds up in your pores and causes uneven skin tone.
    2. All foundations and powder are at least a little drying. Powder sticks in the pores and is hard to remove.  The matte finish of powder is drying out your skin.
    3. Applying makeup without cleaning brushes or puffs daily will have you re-applying the previous day’s makeup, oils, and impurities. (How clean is that?! I never thought of this before but YUCK!)
    4. The goal of Simone France Skin Care System is to not need to cover up your skin.  Thousands of women have achieved this goal after just a few weeks or months with Simone France ceansing system.
  3. Chemical exfoliation and lack of deep pore cleansing.
    1. Exfoliation is the most important element for healthy skin.  (I was using chemical exfoliation with high concentrations of salicylic acid.)
    2. Chemical exfoliates work by irritating your skin, they dissolve the “glue” that holds the skin cells together so they fall off faster than they naturally would, and reveal newer, fresher skin cells below.
    3. Many people using chemical exfoliation see a good result at first, but over time, the daily dissolution of the skin structure causes increasing dryness, redness and sensitivity.
    4. If you are concerned about wrinkles, you don’t want to be intentionally drying up your skin.

Simone France Review

First of all, I was very impressed by the skin care analysis. I had no idea what I was doing to my skin all these years. Realizing that all the drying out that I was doing to my skin was causing my sensitive skin AND wrinkles didn’t make me happy. They really did a great job explaining what I was doing and what I should be doing. This is the only time in my life where someone told me what I should be doing to take care of my skin. And, if it didn’t work out, they freely exchange products if an adjusted is necessary.

My skin feels cleaner than ever. It is no longer dry but well moisturized. I thought it was strange at first to add the moisturizer first and again after washer. I joked with my husband that they just want you to use more moisturizer! LOL However, it really is a new way to clean the skin and it works. It feels so good. My skin feels fresh. I’ve only been using the skin care system for 3 weeks but already noticing firmer skin. In the photos above, you can see that I’ve used barely any product too, so it is an affordable solution!

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