Did you Feel the Earthquake- Plus some History

Around 1:53pm today I felt an Earthquake.  Apparently this was a tremor coming from the preliminarily measured 5.8 earthquake in Virginia (actually, I think we drove OVER the epicenter while visiting the Shenandoah Valley Wine Country).  Folks on the AOM facebook page felt it in Illinois, and it shook pictures off of the walls in the US Capitol building.  WEIRD FEELING!  Makes you not want to count on the ground under your feet!

Where was the center of the Ohio Earthquake

Actually, it wasn’t in Ohio, it was just in Virginia- see the map.

Where the Earthquake started

Some History of Ohio Earthquakes- Nothing Earth Shattering…..

History of Earthquakes in Ohio – Full Link from Gov website

In 1875 in Western Ohio, bricks fell from Chimneys.  The epicenter was in Jeffersonville, Indiana; it was felt in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri.

In 1884 in Lima, Ohio, an earthquake was felt from Pennsylvania, to Kentucky, to West Virgnia.  Workers at the top of the YET TO BE COMPLETED Washington Monument in DC felt it too.  Oh, and chandeliers in Columbus, Oh swayed for several minutes.

In 1926, Several small towns in southeastern Ohio experienced damage to chimneys- this tremor was felt as far as West Virginia as well.

In 1930 and in 1931 over a wide area in Western Ohio, in places like Anna, Houston, and Sidney, a pair of tremors topped chimneys, and cracked and broke wall plaster.  These were felt in Indiana and Kentucky too.

IN 1937, also in Anna, Ohio, more plaster, full chimneys, and more.  This earthquake was felt from West Virginia to Wisconsin to Missouri.  Fascinating enough, wells changed effectiveness, tombstones rotated, and other subsurface changes really affected lives.

IN 1943, one in Cleveland broke windows and dishes.

The site is TOO BUSY right now, but you can see other earthquakes in our lifetimes by checking out this link:


Using these numbers for the center of Ohio.

Latitude: 40.3736
Longitude: -82.7755


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