How to Play Words With Friends: Everything You Need to Know

Words With Friends is a great way to make your dinner party or get-together more lit. You can play it in a friendly or competitive manner depending upon your opponent.

People apply different modifications to this game which sometimes makes it more interesting, and other times they ruin the fun. You can use a board or its application to play with your friends, the person sitting with you, Facebook friends, or random users.

Here are some basics you might need to know about Words With Friends.

How Many Ways Are There to Play Words With Friends?

You can play this game either offline or online. There are no other ways to play it. Offline means you have to buy it and then play it with the person sitting next to you. You can also play it virtually with a friend far from you. However, it is not much fun.

You can play it online using the app, Facebook, or the browser. You can download the app from the official Apple and Google stores. You can also play the game by going to its website and logging in with Google or Facebook accounts.

However, playing online competitively is not much fun because cheating always ruins your game plan. However, it is different when you play online with your friends in a friendly way. Cheating in board games can never do any harm to your friends.

You can use an online tool to generate several new and unexpected words that will shock your friend surely. You can check this site if you want to use an online tool to beat your friend in Words With Friends and more board games like Scrabble, Boggle, etc.

How to Play Words With Friends?

Some basic rules are there for the Words With Friends game. You have to make meaningful words and not repeat them. You can pick the letters from the bag if you’re playing offline and drag the letters to the board if playing online. You can not use proper nouns, words with apostrophes or hyphens, abbreviations, etc.

Whoever goes first will have to place at least one letter of their word on the start line, which is in the middle of the board. It does not matter which letter you decide to place in the star tile.

For instance, you played the first word. Now your opponent will make a word using a letter from the new word you just made. Now, you can make a word using your first word or your opponent’s word.

You have to do this until the game gets over. In offline mode, you have to stop playing when there are no more tiles remaining in the bag.

How to Score More Points? 

You can score more points than your opponent if you follow these tips.

1) Always try to play your letters in a way that will prevent your opponent from scoring. You do not want to give your opponent access to the colored tiles on the board. Words With Friends is not just about scoring points but about playing defense and stopping your opponent from scoring.

2) Try to memorize as many two-letter words as you can. Playing two-letter words with valuable tiles gives you a better chance to rack up more points. It also restricts your opponent to play off using your words.

3) Grab every opportunity to play your letters and words strategically on the colored tiles. Try using high-value letters like Z or X on these tiles can also rack up many points.

4) You can also try to remember some 7-letter words so you can use them at once to make a Bingo. More Bingos means more points.

What Type of Bonuses Is in Words With Friends?

Words With Friends has four types of bonuses.

  1. Triple Letter(TL), which triples the value of a single tile,
  2. Double Letter(DL), which doubles the value of a single tile,
  3. Triple Word(TW), which triples the score of the word,
  4. Double Word(DW), which doubles the score of the word.

There is also a Bingo Bonus which gives you a bonus of 35 points. You can also use power-ups to take an edge from your opponent. Learn more about these power-ups by clicking here.

Wrapping Up

You can use as many tips and tricks as you want, but learning different words (2-9 letters) should always be your first step if you want to ace every Words With Friends game.

Also, using online tools to improve and expand your vocabulary will help you in the game and real life. You can also allow your opponents to use them to end the game more quickly.

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