Help the Diaper Need in Ohio with Huggies and Meijer

Babies go through a LOT of diapers, about $80 in diapers per month! That is a lot of money for anyone but a real struggle for those with low income. In fact, not having enough diapers prevents moms from going to work because child-care requires parents to provide diapers. Diapers are essential for the well-being of Ohio’s families.  Sadly, many babies don’t have the clean diapers they need. Of Ohio’s 416,763 kids under the age of 3, 25% of them live in homes that earn less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level.huggies-diaper-need

The struggle is a daily one. The cost of infant care in two-parent comes equates to 11% of total income. The cost of infant care in a single parent home equals 43%!

Our friends at Huggies and Meijer have teamed up for the fourth year to help struggling families with diapers! Huggies No Baby Unhugged program allows shoppers at Meijer to make a difference. For every pack of Huggies purchased at Meijer, Meijer will donate $1 and Huggies will donate a day’s worth of diapers to the National Diaper Bank Network!

Together, they are helping babies across the Midwest receive the ‘hugs’ they need in the form of diapers. huggies-meijer-donation-event-nestlings-diaper-bank13-1

Ohio Diaper Banks are helping to ensure every child has enough diapers to stay clean, dry, and healthy. If you or someone you love suffers with a diaper need in Summit and Portage County, contact the Portage-Summit Diaper Bank.

diaper banks in ohio

When you shop your local Meijer and purchase Huggies diapers between now and January 2, 2017, you will be making a difference in the lives of those struggling with a diaper need. This is an excellent and caring way to help families in need this Christmas season.


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