Your Child’s Homework Tonight Could Pay $30,000

Kids are brilliant and the future leaders of our world. They have great ideas and our local Orrville, Ohio company, Jif is challenging kids to share their idea on how to change the world with a $30,000 and $10,000 incentive!!!

In the “Imagine If, With Jif” contest, your child or family has the chance to win up to $30,000 to turn your creative idea into a reality!! We teach our kids to dream big, now is the time to tell the world your big idea – you only have until TOMORROW, October 20, 2017 to submit your child or your family’s big idea to Jif here.

Entering to win is simple. Write about your project idea on this form and include a video if you can! Three finalists will be selected to launch crowdfunding projects in November with Indiegogo’s support and will receive $10,000 seed money from Jif to get started!! The grand prize will be chosen by actress Melissa Joan Hart and a parent panel of judges to win an additional $20,000 for your project!

This project runs in light with what my 5th grader daughter, Elizabeth is working in class. Each student is challenged to pick a passion and then work toward making a difference in their passions this school year. I love how her teacher is not only asking kids what they would change but giving them the challenge to actually make a difference. I love how our local Orrville, Ohio company, Jif (Smucker’s) is giving our kids incentives to think big and make their dreams happen!

So, you know your homework tonight – get started and good luck changing the world with your child! Homework is due October 20, 2017!

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