Little Known Consequences that Come with Driving Infractions

Operating a vehicle really is a big responsibility. When you consider that you’re controlling a two-ton piece of metal at speeds that can easily kill a person on contact, it puts the responsibility in perspective.

But it’s such a commonplace, everyday activity that it’s easy to get complacent behind the wheel. There are also countless driving rules and regulations, which makes it easy to rack up infractions. We all know that speeding will get us a ticket, but there are other consequences to breaking the rules that you may not know about.

Needing SR22 Insurance After Driving Without Any Insurance

Every state except New Hampshire requires that all drivers have auto insurance. This helps protect everyone involved if there’s an accident. Despite the strict regulations, many people still drive around without auto insurance.

One of the consequences of getting caught driving without insurance is having to secure SR22 insurance as well. This is actually a document that proves you have auto insurance. Some states mandate that “high risk” drivers get SR22 insurance as additional proof they have coverage. Without it, your driving privileges might be revoked. If you were involved in an accident and didn’t have auto insurance, you can get SR22 insurance online so you don’t face additional penalties.

Your Driver’s License Can Be Suspended After Just One DUI

More states are cracking down on DUIs with harsher punishments than in years past. Some states like South Carolina will automatically suspend your license for six months for the first offense. You’ll also face at least a few days in jail. Aggravating factors like having a child in the car will also be considered and can increase the penalty.

Many drivers are surprised at how stiff the penalties are for a first offense. But all it takes is one time driving under the influence to seriously injure or kill someone.

Repeated Driving Infractions Could Affect Your Ability to Rent

The vast majority of landlords and property managers run a background check before they rent out an apartment or house. One of the things they look at is your driving record. Repeated infractions are a red flag that might make a landlord hesitant to take on a potential tenant. This makes sense given that you could lose your license or get incarcerated, which would affect your ability to work and pay the rent.

Driving Infractions Could Cost You a Job

Getting out of a speeding ticket can save you money and your job in some situations. Many employers will also run background checks, and driving infractions could again be a problem. If you work for the government, a civil service or any occupation that involves driving you will actually have to let your employer know if you get a serious infraction like a DUI even after being hired. It could also take you out of the running for jobs like being a police officer, firefighter or pilot.

You Could Lose Your Right to Vote

That’s right. A driving infraction or multiple infractions that lead to a felony charge can cost you your right to vote. Other consequences of a felony charge include losing the ability to receive federal education aid and holding public office.

It Might Be Difficult to Adopt

Adopting a baby is a long process with a lot of hoops to jump through. Adoption agencies will scrutinize every aspect of your life, including your driving record. If you have a number of infractions or a serious driving offense like a DUI it could make adopting difficult. Agencies take safety very seriously, and driving infractions might make them question your ability to safely transport a child.

Driving laws vary from state to state, but the infractions and associated consequences above are common in many areas. Just a few more reasons to follow the rules every time you get behind the wheel.

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