Sleep Solution for Shoulder Pain with MedCline Relief System

incline pillow for shoulder pain acid reflux medcline review

Sleep is one of the most important things that impacts overall health. Not being able to get a restful sleep at night because of nighttime acid reflux, shoulder pain, or other pain is not only frustrating but can lead to health problems, poor work performance, and even put you at risk for accidents. This is why I blog about the importance of sleep often over the years on

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MedCline Relief System Review

It isn’t all about getting to bed in time and you know that if you have difficulty sleeping because of pain! My husband found MedCline Relief System while searching for relief of shoulder pain and acid reflux – lucky for him, MedCline offers a system for each of these issues!  Having a complete system that is designed with your specific needs is genius – no more stacking pillows of all sizes around your body. Plus, this is a medicine-free solution to getting a full night’s sleep.

incline pillow for shoulder pain acid reflux medcline review
As you can see, this system is complete to support your head, back, side, and legs.  It is a complete system. I was surprised at first on the size of the product until I stripped away my assortment of 3 various size pillows that I normally use to support my aching back and newly developed arm/shoulder pain. It fills our King size bed to have two MedCline Relief Systems in place and works with queen size too.

I won’t lie, this system is unlike anything I ever tried – which is a good thing! I’ve never found a complete pillow support system before! I have nothing to compare this system to because I’ve never had a product to address full body support. At first, it was odd because it was different. The system has a large wedge-shape shoulder-relief pillow that your upper body rests on, then there is an empty space near where your  arm goes. Also in the void is another small pillow for your head. It all makes sense when you lay down. This system is for left or right side sleepers.

incline pillow for shoulder pain acid reflux medcline review
This 3-part sleep system includes an amazing therapeutic body pillow that lies on top. This offers the most supportive sleep ever and is so comfortable! The therapeutic body pillow is great for sciatica, lower back pain (me!), spinal alignment, pregnancy aches and pains (I could have used this!), fibromyalgia, and other medical conditions. Even without the sleep wedge, I like using this body pillow and have had really restful sleep while using it. I love that I don’t have to search and find my various pillows in my bed or on the floor throughout the night anymore! I need the support for lower back, knee, and hip pain that this body pillow delivers.

incline pillow for shoulder pain acid reflux medcline review

The 3 part sleep system takes time to get use to because it is unlike anything you have ever tried. The incline is an adjustment to sleep on at the 10% incline. However, it is so much better than stacking pillows or worst-yet, raising the head of your bed.

They even have a system for acid reflux with a higher incline that you may want to check out if you suffer from that condition. I have another family member that I am recommending MedCline to because they have to incline their bed for medical reasons but fear it could fall on their children!  This is a safe, simple solution! It takes a few nights to understand how to use the system and a few weeks to ‘break-in’ the foam to form more to your body but it is worth it.

They have sleep specialists that you can call to talk with if you are confused about how to use the product or if it doesn’t seem to work for you too. I called and immediately they were able to address how I was incorrectly using the system for the first few nights – afterward, it was much better.

I wasn’t able sleep on my side because my shoulder hurts from laying directly on my shoulder. Now, I can drop my downside arm into the patented arm pocket through the wedge to remove all weight and pressure form that arm! Then, my other arm rest comfortably on the body pillow. I have problems with both arms/shoulders when I sleep normally on my side. My lower arm hurts from pressure and my upper arm hurts from lack of support. The MedCline Shoulder Relief System supports both arms/shoulders with their innovative approach. Plus, my husband has less reflux at night because of the incline!

If you have trouble sleeping at night because of pain, check out the MedCline Shoulder Relief System.   It may make a world of difference for you too! 

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